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Comfy Bed, Nika Hostel, Rome

Nika Hostel

Your very own Roman apartment

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your job, moving to Europe and buying a little pied-à-terre in Rome? Well Nika Hostel in the San Giovanni neighborhood lets you live out that daydream for a little while.

Nika Hostel isn’t a party hostel; the only common areas are the kitchen, hallway and two bathrooms. The maximum amount of guests is 10, so you will be sure to have plenty of peace and quiet during your stay. This freshly renovated, spotless apartment is your home away from home in Rome and is perfect for those looking for a clean, comfortable and convenient place to rest and relax.

The proprietors, Carlo & Maria, are incredibly friendly and helpful. Maria welcomed us to Rome by giving us a free map and a bus pass. She asked us which sights we were planning on seeing and told us the best way to get to there from the hostel.

Our spacious room had a large, comfortable bed, a desk, and an armoire for storing our bags.

Comfy Bed, Nika Hostel, Rome

Double Room, Nika Hostel, Rome
They also offer rooms with bunks, for solo travelers or groups.
Bunk Beds, Nika Hostel, Rome

The hostel also has a small kitchen with free fruit, juice and coffee, and they offer a free breakfast at two nearby coffee bars.
Breakfast Croissant, Nika Hostel, Rome

Know before you go

Nika Hostel is easy to reach from Termini (the main train station) and is just a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum and Forum. Before you arrive, be sure to email or call Carlo & Maria so that they are waiting for you at the hostel. Nika Hostel is located on the second floor of an apartment building in Rome, and there isn’t a front desk attendant, so you will need to meet with them to get the key initially. There are tons of good restaurants on the Via Merulana around the corner. The hostel & neighborhood are LBGT friendly.

Bottom line

Nika Hostel is perfect for couples and quieter travelers. It’s location makes it ideal for exploring Rome’s cultural heritage.

Our stay at Nika Hostel was provided by, however all photos & opinions our are own.

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