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Nice Ride

Nice Ride

Bike Sharing in the Twin Cities is Easy

Nice Ride
Minneapolis is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. There are over 85 miles of bike paths and over 90 miles of bike lanes connecting each corner of the city; plus drivers and cyclists co-exist peacefully – it’s truly a biking paradise.

One of the key ingredients in this biker’s utopia is Nice Ride, a bike sharing system that makes navigating the city extremely efficient and easy. To check out a bike, simply insert your credit card into a pay station (24 hour passes are $6) and follow the onscreen instructions to unlock a bike. Make sure to return it to another station within 30 minutes, or you’ll be subject to a small late fee. But don’t worry, Minneapolis has a dense network of stations, and their extremely slick app will not only time your trip, but also help you locate the nearest station to your destination.

Know Before You Go

Leave your bike at home!

Bottom Line

If you are planning on exploring Minneapolis, skip the hassle of parking your car or locking up your bike and use the Nice Ride bikes. The bikes are well-tuned and comfortable and and the system is convenient and easy to use.

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