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Marigold Kitchen

Delectable Brunch off the Capitol Square

Marigold Kitchen, Madison, WI
The line at Madison’s Marigold Kitchen can be daunting, but faint heart never ate french toast. (I think that’s the saying, anyways) And if you stay the course, you will be pleasantly rewarded with a mind-blowingly great brunch. Also, through some sort of organizational magic, the line moves briskly, and by the time you’ve ordered and picked up your coffee, your table will be ready, despite the throngs of slightly hungover Madisonians.

French Toast and Maple Syrup

Anyways, back to the french toast. Order it. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, stop right there and order it. It’s not ordinary french toast, you see. It’s brioche drizzled with pastry cream, berry purée, berries, shaved almonds and pure maple syrup. If this is your first and only time eating here, don’t get distracted by the rest of the menu. Sure, the pancakes are divine, and the omelets are light and fluffly, but seriously, get the french toast. You can flirt with the rest of the menu on your next trip.
Marigold Kitchen Brunch Pancakes with berries
Pro tip for carnivores – their cheeseburger is one of our favorites in Madison, and the only one you can get before 11am. Get it as a side with your french toast.

The interior is bright and sunny, with persian rug pillows on the benches. Eating at one of their outdoor tables on a summer morning is one of Madison’s chief pleasures. Love their food? Be sure to check out Sardine, their sister restaurant.

Know before you go

The line can be long, but the payoff is worth it. Open Monday–Friday 7am–3pm, Saturday 7am–2pm and Sunday 8am–2pm.

Bottom line

One of our favorite brunch spots in Madison.

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