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La Colmena

Pastisseria y Bomboneria en Barcelona

Is chocolate-tourism a thing yet? Kindra seems to think it should be. She is a connoisseur of fine chocolate and will turn her nose up at anything less than extraordinary. We have made special chocolate-shopping trips in both Brussels and Zurich, trying them all before loading up on the best. Back home, we keep hearing of German, Swiss and Belgian chocolate, but never any mention of Spanish chocolate. That is a shame, because between the hot chocolate used to dip churros in and the the truffles available at La Colmena, Spanish chocolate can hold its own.

After meandering through Barcelona’s Barri Gotic, it is time to treat yourself to something sweet. The medieval streets are cramped and the aromas from the restaurants, bakeries and chocolate shops will make your mouth water and your brain go hazy. With all of the walking you have been doing, your blood sugar is (probably) dangerously low, so it is time to reward yourself. Hey, it could be a medical emergency, ok?

There are plenty of chocolate shops in the area, but La Colmena is the best. The staff is cheery and eager to help, and despite a language barrier, will make recommendations that do not disappoint. The chocolate delicious and reasonably priced, and they also serve sandwiches in case you want something more substantial for your lunch-just be sure to get some chocolate to go. Oh, and if you want your friends and family to be forever in your debt (or if you are already in the debt of your friends and family) be sure to pick up some tasty treats for them. They are the perfect souvenir: small, cheap and you know they will love them. As a side note on chocolate shops in the Barri Gotic, L&A believes that if you can say anything nice, don’t say anything at all (ahem Fargas chocolate shop).

Know Before You Go

La Colmena is located across the street from Juame I metro station for your convenience.

Bottom Line

La Colmena is Spanish chocolate done right.


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