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Highway 18 Outdoor Theater

Old-Fashioned Drive-In Movie Theater In Jefferson

Thirty miles east of Madison, just outside of Jefferson, lies a place that will take you back to a time before multiplexes and stadium seating. The Highway 18 Outdoor Theater shows first-run movies as part of a double (or triple!) feature on summer nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Not a bad deal for $8. Movies start when it gets dark, and there is an intermission between them. Carry-ins are verboten, but they do offer a great concession stand. Actually, compared with food you would get at an indoor theater, this is heaven. Items from their grill are all made to order, so they give you one of those pager things popular at casual dining chains to notify you when your food is ready so you do not miss more of the movie than absolutely necessary. So bring your sweetie, a blanket and your dad’s old Buick for a couple of movies under the stars.

Know Before You Go

Movies don’t start until it gets dark, and that happens earlier as the summer progresses. Like an indoor theater, no one likes a latecomer, so be sure to get your car parked and your headlights off before the movie starts.

Bottom Line

Delicious food and a good movie is outdoor summer fun at its best.

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