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Gear Review: Sunglasses

Nice Sunglasses vs Cheap Sunglasses: A Tale of Two Theories

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are perhaps the most perfect sunglasses ever designed*. They’re classic, comfortable, protect your eyes from that bright thing in the sky, and look effortlessly cool.
There’s just one little problem. They’re $100 bucks a pop, and if you’re prone to doing stupid things like wearing your sunglasses into the ocean, they’re not exactly affordable.

Yup — this ocean.
You might be better off with a more affordable pair. Ryan has had his pair since he graduated from college, so he can bring them along on all of our adventures without worrying. I am prone to sunglasses-related accidents and losses, so I like to buy cheap, cute sunglasses from ModCloth and pack a couple pairs with me when we take trips. That way, when the ocean steals them/I sit on them/they get lost forever/etc. I have a backup pair AND I don’t feel incredibly guilty when something happens to them.
That’s why I’ll be sticking to my knockoff Wayfarers. (Until something happens to them, of course.)
* Second runner up? Ray-Ban Aviators. Duh.


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