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ChuchKey Bar

Big Beer Selection in Washington, DC

The ChurchKey Bar in Washington, DC is the place to go if you want a relaxing atmosphere and beer list as thick as the Patriot Act. (Rumor has it that the only person to have read both in their entirety is former senator from Wisconsin Russ Feingold; he liked the beer list much better.) Located upstairs from the Birch & Barley restaurant on 14th St near Logan Circle, the ChurchKey is spacious with tables, barstools and room to stand. The beer menu is sorted by style, so decide what kind of beer you would like and then read up on it. Still can’t decide? The bartenders would love to talk to you about their beers, so don’t hesitate to ask. Tap beers can be ordered in 4-ounce sample sizes for a fraction of the cost, so if you are still unsure, order a small one and go back for more.

Know Before You Go

The ChurchKey has lots of cool beer-related events, so check their website before you head over there.

Bottom Line

Beer. Lots of beer.

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