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Brasserie Beck

Belgian Restaurant in the Heart of DC

Belgian restaurants are all the rage these days and rightfully so. The Belgians monks weren’t subject to Germany’s Reinheitsgebot beer purity law, so they could add all sorts of extracts and flavors to make mighty tasty (and potent) Trappist beer. And it was the Belgians, not the French, who brought us fried slices of potato. We’re actually convinced most Belgian restaurants are a just a convenient excuse to sell awesome frites and great beer (this is not a complaint).

In DC, Brasserie Beck serves up tasty Belgian fare just minutes from the Capitol Mall. Located in Penn Quarter, the restaurant has towering glass windows and an airy, bistro-style interior. The restaurant boasts a large wine cave, and a substantial array of Belgian brews and local suds. We particularly liked DC Brau’s Corruption India Pale Ale – it went great with our delicious curried mussels and salmon. All of this plus a friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere make Brasserie Beck a great choice for DC dining.

Know Before You Go

Brasserie Beck can get busy, especially on the weekends, so consider making a reservation ahead of time.

Bottom Line

Frites. Beer. DC. Yes.


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