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Blue Mound State Park

Vertiginous Heights (For Wisconsin Anyway)

View at Blue Mounds State ParkWe love exploring the driftless region of Wisconsin because of its unique geology and sweeping vistas. Blue Mound State Park is located at the edge of this area, just 30 minutes west of Madison by car – or 3 hours by bike on the Military Ridge State Trail, at the highest point in southern Wisconsin.

The park offers easy hikes and two – count ’em – two observation towers. We spent an afternoon there hiking with our dogs, and really enjoyed the differing terrain – the park features everything from valleys filled with ferns, rocky outcrops in the forest, and views of blue mounds (we don’t really have mountaintops in Wisconsin) in the distance.

Know before you go:

This park has a diverse selection of trails for all abilities and interests – including mountain biking and snowshoeing. They also have a pool.

Wisconsin State Parks require an admission sticker that can be purchased at the park office. Open from 6am-11pm daily.

Bottom line:

Change your altitude about southern Wisconsin (har, har) and visit Blue Mound State Park.

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