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Belgian Chocolate

Part Three: Chocolately Goodness

Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate is world-renowned, and with good reason. Sweet, rich and creamy, it is made by hand from top-quality ingredients. Many of Brussels top chocolatiers can be found in the area surrounding the Grote Markt. It is probably a good idea to sample the fare at as many as you can before you decide on which store you are going to empty your bank account at. Remember, if you are having trouble deciding which chocolate to buy, just get them both! If you don’t think your luggage can handle any more, just carry it on in a separate shopping bag. Most airlines will let this extra carry on slide. Also, heads up – bonbons, or filled chocolates are called pralines in Belgium.

Be sure to try:

Rue au Beurre 34
+ 02 223 17 45‎
Galerie de la Reine 25
+ 02 512 63 59
Grand-Place 22
+ 02 511 25 37

Belgian chocolate is a great gift for your friends, family, co-workers, house-sitters or other people you feel deserve a tasty treat (like yourself). It is a great way make someone’s day (who doesn’t like Belgian chocolate?).

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