Say ya to da U.P. eh!

Located in: North America United States Michigan Marquette

We are lucky…
Sunset in the UP

because we get to spend time with old friends,
Al at the camp
Rachel & Joe on the Dock
watching sunsets,

taking saunas,
Finnish Sauna in the UP
& jumping into the lake.
Jumping into the lake
Drinking great beer,
Oredock Beer in Marquette Michigan
& jumping into a bigger lake.
Jumping off Black Rocks into Lake Superior
Eating cudighi,
Joe at Ralph's Italian Deli
drinking more great beer,
Kewaunaw Brewery
having a bonfire,

seeing fireworks.
Fireworks in Michigamme, MI

7 responses to “Say ya to da U.P. eh!”

  1. avatar amy says:

    awww what great pictures, I came upon the photos via pinterest.. I am a former yooper from ishpeming and know of all the places you have posted in pictures. I miss the big lake big time, now I live in Iowa and there is notheing here besides corn fields as far as the eye can see. I dont think anyone can appreciate where they come from until they move away.. again thanks for posting the great UP pics!

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