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Texel Brewery

Beer Biking at its Best

Texel Brewery Tap Room

This isn’t the first time we’ve biked to a brewery, as a matter of fact biking and visiting breweries are two of our favorite things – so on our second trip to Texel, we made it a priority to bike to Oudeschilde and visit the Texel Brewery. The beer is excellent, the brewery is set amid rolling farmland, and you get to taste beer in an outdoor garden surrounded by bleating sheep. It’s basically perfect.

The tour is all in Dutch, but if you’ve been on a brewery tour before, it’s easy to follow along, and they do have an English subtitled video at the beginning of the tour. The brewery is popular with tourists and locals alike, so if it would break your heart to miss the tour – make reservations. (Of course, if you do miss the tour, you can console yourself in the tap room.)texel brewery

texel breweryTexel Brewery prides itself on using local ingredients – all of their barley is grown on the island, and their water is “dune filtered”.  Their signature beer is the Skummkoppe, which was very good, but true to form, Kindra preferred the Goudkoppe, and Ryan liked the Amber the best. Texel beer is available throughout the Netherlands, so even if you don’t make it to the brewery, be sure to give it try with lunch or dinner. (And if you ever see it in the US – contact us immediately!)

Know before you go:

The tour is in Dutch – but we’re pretty sure that if you give them advance notice and had enough people, they would be happy to conduct a tour in English as well. Tours run Monday – Friday at 2 and 3, and on Saturdays at 2, 3 and 4. Show up at least 25 minutes before the start of tour.

Bottom line:

Great beer in a fun atmosphere – it’s worth a stop if you are on Texel – even if you don’t take the tour.

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