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Stoop & Stoop

Delicious Food in Central Amsterdam

When you head to Leidseplein Square in central Amsterdam to see a band at Milkweg or some comedy at Boom Chicago, you may look around and wonder what there is to eat. You thought you would leave a bit early to catch supper before the show, but when you get there, you don’t see anything appetizing. Just like entertainment districts everywhere, Leidseplein’s dining options appear to be limited to fast food joints and chains. Here, it is the ubiquitous FEBO restaurants, a chain of Greek food with a location every few blocks, each with a leg of lamb-the barber pole of Greek restaurants-slowly spinning in the front window. If this does not appeal to you, hope lies just around the corner.

Stoop & Stoop at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 82 is a restaurant with a good menu, good food and good service. Head over there and if the weather is pleasant, sit outside. The street is quiet enough and and the people watching is first-rate. If it is too cold, the inside is classic Amsterdam: soft lighting, long wooden bar and small, candlelit tables for you sit and grab a beer or a bite to eat. Once you have your table, check out the menu. If you cannot decide on an entree, you cannot go wrong with bitterballen to start while you are mulling over your options. Try the tortellini or pork tenderloin for supper-you won’t be disappointed. After you have finished your meal (you ate the whole thing, right?), take your time and order another beer before you head to your concert or show. It is nice and relaxing here and the beer is way cheaper anyway.

Know Before You Go

With food this good, Stoop & Stoop can be busy, but their website allows for online reservations. Woot!

Bottom Line

Best place for food in the Leidseplein area.


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