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Delicious Breakfast In Barcelona

Nostrum - Barcelona, SpainWhat have we always said is the most important thing? Breakfast. So often when traveling, people want to get a jump on the day or make an early connection. This can make your travel weeks seem a lot like your work weeks. The solution? Have breakfast together-or at the very least, a leisurely cup of coffee. Relax. You are here to enjoy yourself, right? Well, start each day with some enjoying.

In the Eixample, away from the crowds and the cramped streets of the Barri Gotic, life is a little more relaxed. The restaurants here have outdoor seating along the wide, shady streets that allow you to linger over breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or drinks. Next to Ciutat Comtal on Rambla de Catalunya is Nostrum, the perfect place for for a morning snack or coffee. Make this your first stop before you head out on sight-seeing mission. Sit outside, order some breakfast and plan out the day. Their fresh-squeezed orange juice, chocolate croissants and coffee are just what you need. Take the time to enjoy them while sitting under a shaded canopy watching people pass by. By starting your day with savoring the moment, you will have a more relaxed, mindful vacation, and ultimately enjoy it more.

Know Before You Go

Nostrum is tough place to find on Google, so scope it out the night before when you are at Ciutat Comtal before betting on it for breakfast.

Bottom Line

Breakfast should be enjoyed, and in Barcelona, it should be enjoyed here.

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