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The Best Bakery in the World

Lanskroon, Home of the Best Stroopwafels in Amsterdam!Bold words, we know, but we stand by this claim. After a transatlantic flight and a train ride into the city, the very first thing we do when we get to Amsterdam is walk down the Singel Canal and treat ourselves to lovely, gooey, crispy stroopwafels at Lanskroon. Our luggage is usually with us as we have stopped here even before we check in at our hotel, but we don’t care because the sweets are that good. Same goes for when we leave. The very last thing we do in Amsterdam is stock up on stroopwafels for our friends and family — and then fly home with the bakery box carefully tucked into the very middle of our luggage. It has become such a tradition, that we are asked if we brought them home before we even have a chance to offer them.

Located near the 9 Streets shopping district, Amsterdam Museum and Spui, Lanskroon is ideally located. Stop in here for coffee and breakfast or ice cream and a sausage roll. When you walk into the small corner shop, give yourself a moment to take it all in. The brightly colored meringues and flavors of ice creams, the rich, creamy brown of the chocolate, the aromas that only a true bakery can produce and the sounds of the blender whirring away making fresh-squeezed orange juice all come together to make this tiny corner bakery a piece of heaven on earth. Once you have decided, place your order. Don’t be afraid to order extra for an afternoon or late evening snack – the staff will understand.

Know Before You Go

Lanskroon is open from 8 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, 9 to 5:30 on Saturday and 10-5:30 on Sunday.

Bottom Line

Seriously, you should go here.

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