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Honeypie Cafe

Brunch in Bayview

Honeypie Cafe Pig

Honeypie Cafe in Bayview, Milwaukee is uses fresh, local ingredients to make Wisconsin style food. What is Wisconsin style food you ask? Well, it’s tasty, seasonal, home cooked comfort food with an emphasis on cheese (of course) and pork. This commitment to all things Wisconsin extends to the bar as well. They use spirits distilled in Milwaukee, wine from Door County, and beer from New Glarus. As a matter of fact, our favorite drink on their menu is the beermosa.

Beermosa at Honeypie Cafe

This delightful alternative to your standard mimosa is conocted from New Glarus Spotted Cow and orange juice. Whether you are looking for some hair of the dog that bit you or just socializing over a morning meal and want to take the edge off, this delightful, refreshing drink will do the job.

If the beermosa is something you are not quite ready for, the bloody mary is done right here and comes with a beer chaser like it ought to. Here, the chaser is beer long thought to be extinct: the 7oz shorty. Shorties were all the rage with our grandparents, but have all but disappeared from the beer landscape. In an era of wide-mouth bottles and punch top cans, it is hard to believe there was a time when someone was trying to sell you less of something.

Eggs Benedict, Honeypie Cafe

But we digress. Honeypie doesn’t just offer amazing drinks, of course. Their bakery is top notch, (we recommend one of their enormous, delicious cupcakes – which you can also get at their sister restaurant – the Comet Cafe) and their brunch and dinner menus are tasty. When we visited last, we ordered the eggs benedict and scrambled eggs, toast and a side of potatoes. The potatoes are the crispiest, yet fluffiest we have ever had, and the farm fresh eggs are amazing. However, there are greener options, including salads and fresh fruit if you don’t want your breakfast to weigh you down.

Scrambled eggs, potatoes and toast at Honeypie

The restaurant is small and cozy with a crazy grandpa-cum-hipster vibe. (We’re talking lots of taxidermy) There can be a bit of a line, but grab a drink and hang out in the bar, we promise the food is worth the wait.

Know Before You Go

Honeypie is open from  10am to 10pm weekdays, 9am to 10pm on Saturday and 9am to 9pm on Sunday.

Bottom Line

Local food that is expertly prepared and a delightful staff make this a go-to spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch and supper.


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