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Gear Review: Yur Buds

Ear Buds that stay in your ears!

I’ve got to tell you, these ear buds changed my life. I don’t know if my ear canals are too small, or oddly shaped, or what – but I was never able to keep any kind of earbuds in my ears until I found these. I love using them when I’m traveling, because I like to listen to guided meditations or soothing music when I’m flying, and I can nod off easily with these headphones. They are super comfortable and the sound is great for the price! If you’ve ever had ear bud issues, I highly recommend them!

Also, if the actual “headphone” part of your yurbuds ever dies (or if your cat eats them, like mine did), you can simply slip the silicon covers off and attach them to any other pair of earbuds!

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