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Preserve Toothbrush

Gear Review: Preserve Toothbrush

A green travel toothbrush for your dopp kit

Travel Toothbrush Let’s face it, traveling can be tough. Airport delays can leave you stranded at O’Hare for a harrowing amount of time. Driving through North Dakota can leave you feeling like a zombie. That’s why taking a few minutes to freshen up and make yourself feel human can make the slog parts of traveling more bearable. My secret weapon is a toothbrush. This particular toothbrush.

The Preserve toothbrush is green (made from recycled yogurt cups), recyclable (simply mail it back to the company when you’re done with it), comes with its own travel case, and is beautifully designed. I buy them in packs of six and use them at home and on the road to brush the sweaters off my teeth :). It won’t cure your jet-lag, but at least your choppers will be clean.

What does Ryan do for his travel toothbrush? Usually he asks his dentist for an extra toothbrush, packs it in his airtight travel toothbrush case, uses it, forgets about it and then finds a moldy toothbrush on his next trip. Trust me, my way is better.

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