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Cochon Butcher Sign

Cochon Butcher

Want to find the best sandwich shop in New Orleans?

Just look for the place with the line of people out the door and the half-dozen garbage cans on the curb.

Cochon Butcher

Located just around the corner from its higher-end sibling Cochon, Cochon Butcher counters the traditional New Orleans muffaletta-and-po’boy crowd with its own delicious takes on traditional sandwiches. (But don’t worry, they have a muffaletta of their own on the menu, too.)

Step in line (there will probably be a line) and peruse the menu. This is where it gets tough—everything looks delicious. You can start with a small plate like duck pastrami sliders or simply go with one of the top-notch sandwiches on the menu (I had maybe the best BLT ever when I was there). Order your food, drink and side at the counter, and instead of a number, they’ll give you a card with a famous TV or movie character on it (I got Uncle Jesse from Full House).

Barq's Root Beer

Southern tradition alert: Apparently Barq’s root beer in glass bottles is a thing in the South. It is delicious. Also, you will probably want to drink like four of them since it’s 90 degrees out with 90 percent humidity all the time. Cochon Butcher also offers a good selection of beer and wines.

And, if the name wasn’t obvious, Cochon Butcher is an actual butcher shop, too. Need to stock up on some andouille sausage or duck rillette? Order it at the counter—and grab some pickled vegetables or lard to use in your latest dish, too.

Know Before You Go

Dude. Bacon pralines. ‘Nuff said.

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason this place is usually crowded during the lunch and dinner hours. It’s well worth the wait no matter when you go.

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