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Braise Restaurant

Farm-to-Table Restaurant In Walker’s Point

Wisconsin Local Cheese at Braise RestaurantThe locavore movement is a push to return to the way humans grew and produced their food for all of history up until the last generation or so. It asks us take a hard look at what food is, how it is produced and where it comes from. Eating locally isn’t a fad – most large  cities in the states now boast several farm-to-table restaurants.

So whether we are at home in Madison, or traveling abroad, we try and eat at restaurants that source their food locally. We do this for a couple of reasons: not only are we reducing our carbon emissions and supporting the local economy, but the food is usually extremely tasty.

Braise opened in Walker’s Point in January, 2012, as Milwaukee’s first Community Supported Restaurant. Like a CSA (community-supported agriculture), a CSR is a type of co-op. You pay up front to become a member and you get to reap the rewards later on. For Braise, you can become a member for as little as $250 per year, which gets you $300 dollars in dinners. Not a bad deal considering that the food is delicious, the staff gracious and the cause noble. The restaurant is open to the public and membership is not required to dine here, though a reservation may be, especially on weekends.

Lasagna at Braise, MilwaukeeAlthough the menu is seasonal, if you are there in winter – the mushroom and leek lasagna is not to be missed … or skip dinner all together (don’t worry-we won’t tell your parents) and go straight for the chocolate pot de creme. The locavore ethos is represented in the beer list, too, so fans of Wisconsin brews will not be disappointed.

Know Before You Go

Food this great means that they can be busy, so call ahead to book a spot. Don’t have anything to do until your table is ready? Consider heading to nearby Milwaukee Brewing Company.

Bottom Line

Good food and a good cause. Synergy!


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