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Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Flower Market

Only in Amsterdam will you find a flower and bulb market floating in a canal. Seriously, how much Dutch imagery can you combine? I suppose if they also sold windmills made out of Gouda…

The Bloemenmarkt has been selling flowers along the Singel canal for over 150 years. It is an easy walk from almost anywhere in Central Amsterdam, and in fact, chances are good that you will unwittingly stumble upon it on your way to or from any of Amsterdam’s sights in the area. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is fun to stroll past the vendors and see what they are selling. If you plan on buying, check which flowers and bulbs are labeled for export back home. You know that form you fill out and hand to the guy after your passport gets stamped? That guy is a customs official and it is his job to make sure you are not introducing and foreign flora or fauna to US soil. Now, if you want to take your chances, you could always leave your customs form blank – your secret will be safe with me – or you can just get the bulbs labeled for export. The prices are pretty good and you will find varieties your local hardware store won’t have.

Know Before You Go

The market is open daily from 9am to 5:30pm and does not open until 11am on Sunday.

Bottom Line

Worth a walk by on your way to or from any of the sights in the area.

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