10 Essential Travel Accessories

Kindra's 10 Essential Travel Accessories

Here’s a roundup of Kindra’s favorite things to make traveling easier.

  1. Fabric Band-Aids – for treating blisters and covering cuts and scrapes. I like these bandaids because they are really sticky and stay on all day!
  2. Tweezerman Stainless Cuticle Nipper – besides trimming your nails, these can be repurposed as tiny scissors while on vacation.
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Furoshiki Purse Tutorial

Furoshiki Bag Tutorial

Learn how to make 3 different kinds of cloth bags

When we were in Japan, I learned how to fold furoshiki purses at a store in Kyoto. Watch this tutorial and you can learn how to make them too!

We’ve also created individual tutorials for each kind of bag:

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4 Minute Vacation: Swiss Alps

Need a quick break? Daydream away with our Switzerland slideshow – featuring Murren, Piz Gloria and Lauterbraunen. Want more? You can download iPhone and desktop wallpapers here.
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Where does your checked bag go?

We always try to pack light and carry on, but once in a (great) while we do check our bags. If you ever wondered what happens to your bag on it’s journey, here’s a video that Delta made:

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What a wonderful world

We’re busy working on new posts, but in the meantime, we thought you would enjoy this:

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