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Gear Review: Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Kanken Backpack

Swap your Messenger Bag for a backpack on long trips

I resisted buying a backpack for many years. Toting one around just felt so…junior high. And I grew up during the 90s, where the ascendency of the messenger bag made backpacks seem retrograde and uncool. However, after one particularly long trip made my shoulders feel permanently “scrunched up,” I bit the bullet and started looking for a backpack to take on vacations.… Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Using my Canon t3i

Upgrade to a DSLR for spectacular photos

I know that we constantly preach traveling light around here, and for many years I contented myself with bringing a teensy-tiny Canon PowerShot point-and-shoot camera with us on trips. It’s extremely light weight, fits in your pocket, takes great photos and has impressive zoom and video features.… Continue Reading →

Gear Review: LeSportsac Weekender

LeSportsac Luggage

Schlepping around the world in style

I’m not exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to style. For me, bolder is often better. I love color, patterns and all things bright and beautiful. That’s why, when I was looking for a carry on bag, I was instantly smitten with this LeSportsac Weekender.… Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Camelbak Groove

Camelbak Water bottle

Leakproof, filtered water bottle for traveling

You guys, I have a confession to make. I HATE drinking water. For years, I got most all of my liquid from drinking Diet Coke and High Life (not at the same time). Fast forward a few years and although my tastes were more refined (read Coffee and Craft Beer) I still had a serious H20 deficit.… Continue Reading →

The 9 Things in My Quart Sized Bag: Dude Edition

Liquids in my carry on

Last week, Kindra told you which liquids she puts in her quart size bag when we fly. My needs aren’t as extensive, but here’s my packing list:

  1. Crest Toothpaste Travel Size — I usually pack 2 of these.
  2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash — I use this face wash my daily routine, but it’s even more important when I travel, since the stress of flying can can aggravate my skin.
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The 13 Things in My Quart Sized Bag

3oz or less

Which Liquids to Pack in Your Carry On

Unfortunately, carry on guidelines for hand baggage are pretty strict. For liquids or gels, you are limited to 3.3oz (100ml) containers, and all of those containers must fit within one clear plastic quart sized Ziploc bag. I also put anything that could be construed as a “paste” in this bag, and I often tuck in a travel sized toothbrush as well.… Continue Reading →