Travel Tip #6: Pack Plastic Bags for Laundry

Plastic Bag Travel Tips

The central tenet to packing light is not bringing a lot of clothes. With the exception of your travelling companions, no one will see you wear the same outfit twice, so wear it to your heart’s content (you hear that, favorite jeans?). Eventually, no matter how long you shine it on, at least some of your clothes will get dirty or wet.… Continue Reading →

Packing for a Long Holiday Weekend

Carry on bags

The following is a packing list for a four-day trip to Denver in November. The weather looks to be nice during the days and chilly after the sun sets (though weather in the Rockies is notoriously unpredictable). We will be doing a lot of walking outside as well as attending a fancy Thanksgiving dinner – so we’re not exactly packing light!… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #5: An iPad is Your Friend


Unless you are unspeakable wealthy, traveling involves a lot of downtime. You get to the airport the TSA-recommended two hours before your scheduled departure only to find that you breezed through check-in and security in 20 minutes, leaving you with almost two hours to kill before your flight leaves. Once you are on your plane, you sit (what is taking so long?) and sit waiting to take off.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #4: Pack Light

It is the week before you leave for your big trip and you are starting to get really excited. You have confirmed your hotel reservations and double (ok, triple)-checked your flights. Now it is time to pack. Sure, you don’t leave for a week, but packing your bag early has its advantages.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #3: Don’t rely on guidebooks or websites for mission-critical restaurant reservations

Lunchcafe Niesen

Eating is important. Our bodies take the carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals from our food and convert it into energy that allows us to live (remember the Krebs Cycle?). Eating is even more important when you are traveling because keeping your stomach from bottoming out will keep you from becoming an unbearable travel companion.… Continue Reading →

Links We Love – Vol. 6

  • 8 Items You Never Pack…But Should, Budget Travel’s list is good – but I’d add plastic baggies to the list. They can act as impromptu iPhone cases in a rainstorm, a place to hold leftovers, etc.
  • Haruki Murakami’s work has always made me want to travel to Japan.
  • And since our next big adventure is going to Japan, this mini-guide over on Yes and Yes is super helpful!
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Travel Tip #2: Bring a Compass (For Reals)

Now what way do I go?

The type that points north, not that super-pointy thing used to draw circles that you used once a year in school, but somehow needed to always have in your desk ready to poke you. In these days of GPS, smart phones and Google Earth, the mere suggestion of bringing something so low-tech seems anachronistic…or survivalist.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #1: Always Carry On

Pack Light!

After shelling out a cool grand for that overseas flight (you fly coach – right?), you notice that those pesky baggage fees are only for domestic flights. Hooray – the you’ve gotten something for free from an airline! Without a fee for checked luggage, you decide to stash your carry on bag in the closet and borrow your parents’ big suitcase that has Rollerblade wheels so you can pack an outfit for every occasion and bring back souvenirs that scream “Look where I went” for even your most distant relatives.… Continue Reading →

Google Flights

Google Flights

Google’s Flight Search is Brainy & Brawny

Google launched it’s flight search today – now users can either search for results right from the search bar or go to to find flights.

The plus side – it’s fast – really really really fast, and the interface is lovely (sorry, that’s the web designer in me talking).… Continue Reading →

Mapnificent Transportation Visualization Tool

London Trip Planning with Mapnificent

Find the right spot with Mapnificent

 Stefan Wehrmeyer has created a visualization tool that can help you find the best place to stay in a city, based on public transportation availability. Read more about the project over on his website.… Continue Reading →