Travel Tip #16: How to Research Airfare

How to research airfare

How to get a baseline of what your airfare will be before you book.

Start looking as soon as you have decided where you are heading off to. The price will change many times, but at least it will give you a ballpark of what your tickets will cost (within an order of magnitude).… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #15: Which Airport?

Flying to Europe

Choose where you leave from and where to fly to carefully. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing a little research.

First, where are you leaving from? Are there other airports within a couple hours by bus, car or train? When you are searching, put those airports in as departure options and see what comes up.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #14: When to Go?

Airfare tips

Airfare Tip #1: When should you go?

If you get a choice, traveling during spring or fall offers cheaper airfare, decent weather and shorter lines. Travel over the summer or holidays is the most expensive – with the kids out of school and the weather warm, this is the time when families hit the road or head to the skies for some sight seeing and R+R.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #13: Finding Good Prices on Airfare

Leaving on a jet plane

So you are thinking of going on a trip, huh? You’ve saved some money and gotten some time off work, so it’s hasta luega to to the daily grind, and you’re off to see the world! First of all, congratulations-deciding to go is the biggest hurdle. Probably the second biggest challenge, however, is finding reasonable airfare.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #12: Keep Your Credit Cards In Two Places

Never have all of your credit cards on you on at once

Nowadays, anyone with a pulse has a mailbox stuffed with credit card offers. Take advantage some of these and sign up for a card with no annual fee and some sort of incentive (airline miles, cash back, etc., but personal experience requires me to advise you against Capital One-Sorry Alec).… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #11: Budgeting

It's All About the Benjamins, Baby

Come up with an estimated budget and then double it.

My dad says there are two types of dollars: Regular Dollars and Vacation Dollars, and he is right. Things that would never seem like a good idea at home seem like the investment of a lifetime on vacation (ahem. $17 beer in Norway).… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #10: Use ATMs to get foreign currency

You have spent the last few months (or years) saving for your trip. You have eaten at home instead of going out, you skipped that conference in Las Vegas and you stopped buying your morning latte (for a couple of days, anyway). Now your trip is finally here and it is time to spend all of that hard-saved money.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #9: Let your family and friends know your itinerary

Create a trip document to stay safe and organized

When travelling, a lot of things work together to ensure you can go from home to your destination and back safely. Almost always everything runs smoothly and you have the best time. Rarely it doesn’t, and if something does go wrong, it is best to be prepared.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #8: Scan passports into the cloud

Passport Tips for Traveling

Misfortune follows the unprepared, and when the stakes are high, the misfortunes are magnified. Not to be a total bummer, but bad things can happen on vacation. Usually they don’t, but if they do, it is best to be prepared. The following tips can help ease your time if something unfortunate should happen.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #7: Do Laundry

Travel Tips - Laundry

If your trip is long enough, you will have to do laundry (or not, depending on how much basic personal hygiene matters to you). Packing light and carrying your luggage on trumps bringing enough clothes to avoid doing laundry so here are your options: do it yourself in your hotel room (shhh-hotels frown upon this), go to a laundromat and do it yourself, or have it done for you by the hotel (ooh-la-la) or at a cleaners.… Continue Reading →