Travel Tip #26

london hotel

Hotel Tip #4 Beware of Hotel Cancellation Policies.

Most major hotels do not charge you until you check out and will allow you to cancel up to the day you are scheduled to arrive without a penalty. That is not always the case with smaller, family-run lodgings. These places have a tighter budget and fewer rooms, so last minute cancellations can really hurt their bottom line.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #25

hotel central prague

Do Not Stay in a Hotel Near the Main Attractions

When you get to a city, you want to see the sights. That’s why you there, right? And unless this is a daytrip, you are probably going to spend the night. That does not mean that you have to stay next door to the Coliseum.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #24

ema house hotel zurich

Hotel Tip #2 Use TripAdvisor (With a Grain of Salt) To Book Your Hotel

When looking to book a hotel, a resource just as important as guidebooks is TripAdvisor. This website ranks all of the hotels in a city based on user feedback. After you stay at a place, you log in and create a review and give your stay a score.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #23

Hotel Tip #1 Don’t Assume That Because a Hotel Is In a Guidebook, It Is Worth Staying At

After you have purchased your plane tickets, the next thing to do is book hotel rooms. Together, these two account for your biggest pre-trip expenditures, and both are likely to vary based on weekdays versus weekends and whether you are there during a “peak” or “off” season.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #22: Take Good Care of Your Feet

foot care

Take Good Care of Your Feet

When you are traveling, you will probably be relying on your feet more than you do at home. Without your car, your feet will be your primary conveyance, so treat them with the respect they deserve and take good care of them. Proper foot care begins with proper footwear.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #21: Have a Great Attitude

Have A Great Attitude

A Buddhist proverb tells the story of a dishonest, selfish man who visited a neighboring city and returned home to report of how dishonest and selfish the citizens were. A kind, generous man visited a neighboring city and returned to his home with tales of the kindness and generosity of these neighbors.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #20: When to Take a Taxi

When to take a taxi

Sometimes we like our luxury. Hot showers, cold beer the occasional taxi cab. We know we should use public transportation: it’s cheap and environmentally friendly. But sometimes a flight departs too early in the morning or arrives too late in the evening to make this a viable option. Enter the luxury of luxuries of the budget-conscious traveler — the taxi cab.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #19: Use Public Transportation

London Underground Map

Study maps and plan your routes before you go

We here at L&A are big fans of public transportation. Someone else takes you from where you are to where you want to go and you do not have to deal with the dangers of other drivers or the hassle of road construction or PARKING.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #18: Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent Flyer

They are free and they are heavily advertised. What’s the catch? Redeeming your miles is about as easy as getting a refund from a used car salesman. So why sign up for them? Well, they are free, and you never know what the future holds. You can usually sign up for a program after you travel, so there is no rush to do this before.… Continue Reading →

Travel Tip #17: When to Buy Airplane Tickets

Airplane Tickets

This tip is short and sweet: Buy your tickets 6-12 weeks before travel. If you buy before 12 weeks out, the airlines know you have to be at that specific place for that specific time (like for a wedding) and will charge accordingly. If you wait too long and buy tickets for travel just before you leave, the airlines know you have to be there now or you would have purchased your tickets earlier and will charge accordingly.… Continue Reading →