Safe House

Spy Memorabilia at Safe House, Milwaukee


Are you a secret agent on the run? Or maybe just hungry? Come in from the cold and grab some R&R at Milwaukee’s only spy-themed bar & restaurant.

At Safe House, the fun begins by finding the place. We’ll give you a clue…International Exports Ltd.… Continue Reading →

Comet Cafe

Comet Cafe Menu

Slow food on Milwaukee’s East Side

Comet Cafe’s logo is a Rabbit, but don’t let their speedy mascot fool you. They, like their sister cafe Honeypie, serve slow food sourced from local purveyors. And sure, slow food can mean long lines, but the staff makes you feel right at home as you wait for a spot.… Continue Reading →

Honeypie Cafe

Eggs Benedict, Honeypie Cafe

Brunch in Bayview

Honeypie Cafe in Bayview, Milwaukee is uses fresh, local ingredients to make Wisconsin style food. What is Wisconsin style food you ask? Well, it’s tasty, seasonal, home cooked comfort food with an emphasis on cheese (of course) and pork. This commitment to all things Wisconsin extends to the bar as well.… Continue Reading →

Anodyne Cafe

anodyne cafe

Bayview’s Best Coffee

One of the best places for coffee in Madison is the Victory. Located on Atwood Avenue on the East side, this tiny outfit on the corner of Corry Street serves up some big taste. Great coffee comes from great roasters and Victory’s source is Anodyne. With flavor this rich, we had to make a pilgrimage.Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Day Trip

sprecher brewery

Eight Hours in the Brew City

Whenever L&A goes to a city, we head for their art museum and brewery. To my knowledge, these do not exist as a single entity, but if anyone knows of one, please let us know. Milwaukee is a city with a museum and several breweries, so we went for a day trip.… Continue Reading →

Braise Restaurant

Wisconsin Local Cheese at Braise Restaurant

Farm-to-Table Restaurant In Walker’s Point

The locavore movement is a push to return to the way humans grew and produced their food for all of history up until the last generation or so. It asks us take a hard look at what food is, how it is produced and where it comes from.… Continue Reading →

Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe

Transfer Pizzeria

Grab a Pizza and a Slice of History in Walker’s Point

My desert-island food? Pizza. This is the one food item I would want to have if I found myself stranded on an island (unless I am stranded on The Island, in which case 30 year-old Dharma Pizza may not be my first choice).… Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Party Time, Excellent.

We went to a party and a brewery tour broke out. Well, not exactly, but that is what it felt like. The Milwaukee Brewing Company is located south of downtown in Walker’s Point. The brewery started as the Milwaukee Ale House brewpub, but demand grew so much,  they had to move the brewing to a dedicated facility.… Continue Reading →

Blue’s Egg Restaurant

Ryan & Mom at Blue's Egg

Tasty Brunch on Milwaukee’s West Side

When we visited family in Milwaukee recently, we stopped at Blue’s Egg near Miller Park to fuel up before hitting Lakefront Brewery. This diner has the friendly service you’d expect from your neighborhood joint, but with none of the grease.

The food was fresh and seasonal, and the coffee was strong.… Continue Reading →

Lakefront Brewery Tour

A Milwaukee craft brewery tour that doesn’t pull punches

Milwaukee’s beers are better than ever, thanks to Milwaukee Brewing Company, Sprecher Brewery and Lakefront Brewery. When we visited Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, we had a little company – Kindra’s parents, her brother and his girlfriend came along with us.… Continue Reading →