Bloody Mary with Cheese at Graze

Upscale Comfort Food in a Stylish Setting

Madison, Wisconsin boasts such a wide variety of excellent restaurants that it can be difficult to choose where to eat. However, we do have a few standout standbys, and Graze Restaurant tops the list.

Graze, housed in a spacious glass building on the Capitol Square, is the comfier, less-rarified and heartier sister restaurant to the award-winning L’Etoile, which is located next door.… Continue Reading →


Bloody Mary at Sardine

Stylish (and Delicious) Bistro on Lake Mendota

Consider Sardine Marigold Kitchen’s stylish older sister who spent a year at the Sorbonne, then dropped out to go to Le Cordon Bleu instead. She cooks up elegant, robust fare that could delight the pickiest Parisian in a lovingly converted warehouse on a lake.… Continue Reading →

Marigold Kitchen

French Toast and Maple Syrup

Delectable Brunch off the Capitol Square

The line at Madison’s Marigold Kitchen can be daunting, but faint heart never ate french toast. (I think that’s the saying, anyways) And if you stay the course, you will be pleasantly rewarded with a mind-blowingly great brunch. Also, through some sort of organizational magic, the line moves briskly, and by the time you’ve ordered and picked up your coffee, your table will be ready, despite the throngs of slightly hungover Madisonians.… Continue Reading →

One Barrel Brewing Company

Beer at One Barrel Brewery
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Madison’s first nanobrewery

One Barrel Brewery is located in the heart of Madison’s east side at the intersection of Atwood & Winnebago streets. It’s a perfect fit for the neighborhood, which is the epicenter of all things local and handcrafted in Madison.

One Barrel brews each of their beers one barrel at a time.… Continue Reading →

Greenbush Bakery

Doughnuts at Greenbush

Decadent donuts in Madison

This unassuming donut shop may not have the panache of VooDoo or Top Pot, but   it turns out some of of the lightest, fluffiest and most delicious donuts we have ever had.

When we moved to Madison, our first apartment was three short blocks from Greenbush Bakery.… Continue Reading →

Madison Sourdough Company

Madison Sourdough Bread

Delicious bread & tasty treats

Madison Sourdough is so good, it (almost) defies description. This sunny oasis of carbs and caffeine draws us there like a lodestone. Rarely do we go a week without meeting friends for a lazy Sunday meal, or a quick stop for a morning latte and pastry.… Continue Reading →

Karben4 Brewery

NightCall, SamuRyePA, Block Party and Lady Luck Beer

Madison’s Newest Brewery Brings It

And by “it” we mean amazing beer. Take a peek…

Delicious looking amirite? Well, it tastes even better. We tried all of their available beers, and their offerings were uniformly excellent. It was hard to play favorites, but Ryan loved their SamuRyePA. It’s spicy yet maltaliciously sweet and superbly balanced.… Continue Reading →

Crema Cafe

Salmon Scramble at Crema

Fresh Ingredients + Alterra Coffee = A Standout Brunch

As noted previously on this blog, Kindra is a real coffee fiend, and one of her favorite local roasters is Alterra. Quite a few places in Madison serve coffee made with Alterra beans, but one of our favorites is Crema, located on the edge of Lake Monona in Madison.… Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Road Trip

L&A received this question:

My mom is turning 50 and she is taking her first week long vacation in three years to celebrate. We are trying to find off-the-wall, not-super-touristy things (or really touristy like The World’s Largest Whatever or Birth Place of Thisorthat) in Wisconsin. We’ve been to Madison and all over the Appleton/Green Bay area more times than I can count.Continue Reading →

The Victory

the victory

The East Side of Madison’s Best Coffee

“I feel like coffee,” she says.

“I want ice cream,” he says.

The solution? The Victory. Located on the corner of Atwood Avenue and Corry Street on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin, the Victory is the place for coffee in Madison’s hip east side neighborhood.… Continue Reading →