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Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is like an art history textbook come to life. The collection includes 80,000 objects spanning 5,000 years; and the work on display is perfectly curated and leads visitors through an interesting and informative tour of art through the ages. - See more at: http://love-and-adventure.com/#sthash.QwV3Si0V.dpuf

Mill City Museum

Flour Tower Sign

 A museum with an explosive past

The core of Minneapolis is St. Anthony Falls, the highest waterfall on the Mississippi River. The city’s explosive growth during the late 1800s and early 1900s was fueled by mills utilizing this waterfall to turn cotton, wood and most importantly – wheat, into consumer products for a growing nation.… Continue Reading →

Sea Salt

Bay Scallop Tacos at Sea Salt

Location, location, location…and damn good seafood

As dedicated readers of this blog know, we like to do our sightseeing on full stomachs. So before we went to Minnehaha Falls, we asked our friends who live in the city, people we met on our adventures, strangers, etc. (we like to do our research) where we should eat near the park.… Continue Reading →

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls

An wildly urban waterfall

Minneapolis is a unlike any other large city we’ve ever visited. It’s a city that truly loves nature and integrates it into the very fabric of its urban infrastructure. You can ride your bike around the entire city by following the Grand Rounds scenic byway. Its lakes are clean and clear with excellent beaches, and the Mighty Mississippi looks more like a crisp northern river than the Big Muddy.… Continue Reading →

Walker Art Center

Passing Winter - Yayoi Kasuma | Walker Art Center

A Bonanza of Contemporary Art

One of the charms of the Walker Art Center is that you never know what you’ll see there. The exhibits encompass painting, sculpture, video, multi-media and performance art. The programming changes frequently and is a mix of past master retrospectives and bleeding edge contemporary work. (My personal favorite is Kim Beom’s Yellow Scream (2012) which manages to be hilarious, smart and cool at the same time — no easy feat.)

After you have taken in the indoor art, take it outside. … Continue Reading →

Glam Doll Donuts

Glam Doll in Minneapolis

Putting the va-va-voom into donuts

Donuts are usually a humble affair, perceived as low-brow breakfast fare for the working classes. You got your cream-filled, you got your fritter, you got your old-fashioned and you got your cake. Wilder variations include sprinkles or fruit, but that is usually the extent of creativity.… Continue Reading →

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Standing Glass Fish, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Formal Garden Meets Contemporary Sculpture

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is perhaps most famous for its iconic fountain/statue Spoonbridge and Cherry, but this 11-acre garden houses over 40 works by modern masters.

Personally, my favorite work is Frank Gehry’s Standing Glass Fish located in the heart of the Cowles Conservatory. This monumental sculpture rises from a lily pond and soars above the viewer in a virtuoso marriage of art and engineering.… Continue Reading →

The Hotel Minneapolis

The Hotel Minneapolis Lobby

The perfect base for exploring the city

The Hotel Minneapolis is smack-dab in the middle of downtown, just blocks from the Mississippi River and close to transportation hubs (including a light rail station that connects to the airport), multiple bike sharing stations and parking ramps, as well as easy access to the highway.… Continue Reading →

Nice Ride

Nice Ride

Bike Sharing in the Twin Cities is Easy

Minneapolis is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. There are over 85 miles of bike paths and over 90 miles of bike lanes connecting each corner of the city; plus drivers and cyclists co-exist peacefully – it’s truly a biking paradise.… Continue Reading →