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Restaurants & Cafes in Portland

Latte at Stumptown Portland Portland is known for its craft beer, artisan coffee, gourmet food carts and delicious farm-to-table restaurants. Here are our picks for great places to eat and drink during your visit to the city.

Things to Do in Portland

Portland's best attractions include the International Rose Test Garden, Powell's Book Store, the Japanese Gardens, Washington City Park, its many food carts and more.

Photo Friday: Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Trempealeau, Perrot State Park

Perrot State Park

The Mississippi River is one of the most breathtaking sights in America, and we’d venture to say that it’s prettiest point is right here in Wisconsin, near a little town called Trempealeau. Wouldn’t you agree?
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Cochon Butcher

Cochon Butcher Sign

Want to find the best sandwich shop in New Orleans?

Just look for the place with the line of people out the door and the half-dozen garbage cans on the curb.

Located just around the corner from its higher-end sibling Cochon, Cochon Butcher counters the traditional New Orleans muffaletta-and-po’boy crowd with its own delicious takes on traditional sandwiches.… Continue Reading →

Muhammad Ali Center

Muhammad Ali Museum

“A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” –Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s life was about transformation.

Transformation from a scrawny kid in a Louisville boxing gym to an Olympic gold medal winner (and eventually the heavyweight champion of the world).… Continue Reading →

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave - Frozen Niagara

Fat Man’s Misery. Ruins of Karnak. Giant’s Coffin. The Bottomless Pit.

No, those aren’t the titles of Stephen King short stories. They’re all geological features that can be found at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

Mammoth Cave is the largest cave system in the world. The caverns stretch for more than 400 miles underneath the 52,000-acre national park, which was established in 1941, even though people have been touring the cave system since 1816.… Continue Reading →

Masu Sushi & Robata

Sleek, stylish and funky, Masu serves up fabulous, immaculately presented sushi and tasty robata to patrons in the Northeast neighborhood in Minneapolis. Don’t miss their unique non-alcoholic drinks like Watermelon Pickle Pop or Disrespectful to Thirst. - See more at: http://love-and-adventure.com/#sthash.Neft8qOX.dpuf

The Anchor Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips at The Anchor

Authentic fish & chips in the Northeast neighborhood

Just around the corner from neighborhood fixture Dangerous Man Brewing Company lies a little slice of England plopped down in Minneapolis. From the creaking wooden sign outside to the vinegar carafes adorning the tables, The Anchor’s commitment to the full British fish n’chipper experience is extraordinary.… Continue Reading →

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge

Come for the tiki drinks, stay for the food

Psycho Suzi’s is what you get when you pour a biker bar, a beach, your salty great-aunt Lola, and a fifth of rum into a cocktail shaker and shake it up. In other words, it’s flat out fun.

The obvious draw are the tiki drinks, which range in strength from strong to zombie.… Continue Reading →

Dangerous Man Brewing

Small is beautiful

Nestled in the charming Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis is the tiny and vibrant Dangerous Man Brewing Company.

Despite the name and the ferociously bearded logo, Dangerous Man is first and foremost a neighborhood tap house that aims to bring fresh, delicious beer to its patrons while fostering a sense of community that harkens back to the neighborhood pubs of yore.… Continue Reading →