Ore Dock Brewing Company

Good Beer, Ore Dock, Marquette

Craft Beer in Marquette, MI

Every summer, our dear friend (and L&A contributer!) Al invites us to stay at his family’s camp in Michigan’s upperĀ peninsula. It’s a truly magical place, but frankly so much swimming, sauna-ing and relaxing can make you really thirsty for beer. Luckily the U.P.’s craft beer scene has been growing steadily.… Continue Reading →

Say ya to da U.P. eh!

We are lucky…

because we get to spend time with old friends,

watching sunsets,

taking saunas,

& jumping into the lake.

Drinking great beer,

& jumping into a bigger lake.

Eating cudighi,

drinking more great beer,

having a bonfire,

seeing fireworks.
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