Golden City Brewery

Golden, Colorado’s Second Largest Brewery

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver lies Golden, Colorado. Since the 1970s, most people have associated Golden with Coors, since the mega-brewery not only calls the town home, but also markets itself using the majestic backdrop of the Rockies in most of its advertising, which is kind of a shame.… Continue Reading →

New Belgium Brewing

Pull your own pints at New Belgium Brewery

Magically Delicious Craft Beer

I still remember my first sip of Fat Tire. I was at work, (relax I worked at a liquor store wine market) and the beer buyer who was in charge of my beerducation had me try it. A burst of sunlight broke through the clouds, an angelic choir sang, yadda yadda, it was magical.… Continue Reading →

Odell Brewing Co.

Odell Brewing Co.

Innovative Craft Beer in Fort Collins

While Odell may not have the nationwide name recognition of Fort Collins’ behemoth craft brewery, New Belgium, it is certainly no slouch when it comes to making beer. Founded in 1989 by Doug & Wynne Odell and his sister Corkie, Odell brewery is world-renowned for the depth and breadth of its range of beers.… Continue Reading →

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Legendary Craft Beer

Just like bigfoot, Great Divide beer is rare and elusive in Wisconsin (the nearest place to get is…Illinois-gasp!). That means, whenever we’re in Denver, we head directly to the brewery to bag a flight of their exceptional beer. Their flagship brew is the Yeti Imperial Stout, which we think is quite possibly the most perfect example of this style of beer.… Continue Reading →


Snooze on Larimer in Denver

The Best Brunch in Denver

Gentle reader, what would you do if I told you there was a place that SERVED FLIGHTS OF PANCAKES! Would you hop on a plane and head straight there?

We would. (Look how excited Ryan is for his pancakes!)

And rightfully so. Take a look at this…

Pure culinary genius.… Continue Reading →

NYE in Denver

Union Station, Denver NYE in Denver!

Denver & Golden

Windy Saddle Check out photos from our second day in Denver!

New Belgium & Odell Breweries

Follow along as we hit up New Belgium & Odell Breweries in Fort Collins

Oxford Hotel

Denver’s First Hotel is also Denver’s Finest

The Oxford Hotel as been a part of Denver almost as long as there has been a Denver to be a part of. Way back at the end of the 18th century, brewer Adolph Zang (brewers seem to know what’s best for Denver) decided that there needed to be a luxury hotel close to the newly constructed Union Station to serve business and leisure travelers coming in by train.… Continue Reading →

Tattered Cover Bookstore

Downtown indie bookstore with a massive selection

Although I do read books on my iPad, especially when we’re vacationing for a long time, there’s something about real, actual paper books that can’t be beat. And one of those things (besides of course, the fact that you can read them in the tub) is the bookstore experience.… Continue Reading →