Lombard Street, Gough Street and Alamo Square

The Full House House - San Francisco

Scene Around San Francisco

San Francisco is a very popular setting for movies. The city’s unique geography and iconic architecture make it an interesting place to set a story. The most famous landmarks appear in the usual roundup of San Francisco movies (Coit Tower in Dirty Harry, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mission Dolores in Vertigo, the Palace of Fine Arts and Alcatraz in So I Married an Axe Murderer and The Rock) and you would have visited them anyway, movies or no movies.… Continue Reading →

Honey Honey

Honey Honey Crepe, San Francisco

Brunch Done Right in San Francisco

It is no secret that L&A loves brunch. With the expanded menu, the leisurely pace, the slice of cantaloupe at the end and a whole day off that lies ahead filled with endless potential, what’s not to love? You can tell the good brunch places because there is a line out of the door on weekend mornings, and San Francisco’s Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery is no exception.… Continue Reading →

21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant

Love and Adventure at the 21st Amendment Bar

Brewery and Restaurant in San Francisco’s SoMa Neighborhood

On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted ending the Temperance Movement’s 14-year reign of terror. Following the passage of the 18th Amendment banning alcohol in 1919, the movement predicted that ridding society of alcohol would rid society of the ill effects caused by alcohol.… Continue Reading →


America’s Most (In)famous Prison

Clang. The doors shut. You did not even see the guard do it-he’s way down the corridor, out of sight. The sound is startling. Then it begins to sink in-you are locked in this cell. You have a mere 45 square feet of floor space all to yourself and you are let out three times daily for meals and twice weekly for showers.… Continue Reading →

Asian Art Museum

San Francisco Honors Asian Culture With A Magnificent Museum

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco has one of the West’s largest collection of Asian art boasting over 18,000 objects, 2,500 of which are on display. The collection spans 6000 years of Asian culture and covers Persia, India, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.… Continue Reading →

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Day Trip From San Francisco

On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge lies Marin County, home to Muir Woods National Monument and Mount Tamalpais State Park.  Just a stone’s throw from San Francisco, this seemed like the ideal day trip to escape from the city and enjoy some fresh air.… Continue Reading →

Blue Bottle Coffee

Kindra’s Quest for the Perfect Latte – San Francisco Edition

I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to coffee. When we’re on vacation, I’m constantly on the prowl for the perfect latte. And I’ve come very close to finding my favorite, but there’s really no reason to commit until I’ve tried them all, amiright?… Continue Reading →

Cable Car Museum and Powerhouse

Look Under the Hood of San Francisco’s Moving Landmarks

You see them on postcards, movies and instant rice boxes. After a certain bridge, they are the first thing that comes to mind when people think of San Francisco. They are the city’s famous cable cars, a must for anyone visiting the city.… Continue Reading →

San Francisco’s Cable Cars

Riding a cable car in San Francisco

The Only Surviving Cable Car System in the World

In the Midwest, a speed bump often qualifies for a scenic overlook, so San Francisco’s hills are mountains by our standards. And these hills are not just tall, but steep. Before cars, the only way to traverse these hills was by foot or by horse.… Continue Reading →

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Find Your Future in San Francisco’s Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown is the largest outside of Asia and dates back to 1848. Today, this neighborhood is filled with shops, markets and restaurants catering to locals and tourists alike. And even though it is fairly large, unless you come in through the gates at the corner of Grant and Bush streets, your entrance may be fairly unceremonious – one minute you are walking up a downtown street, focusing on the hill you are struggling to climb (seriously, they built a city here?), the next you are on a street with red lanterns hanging overhead and lucky cats in every window.… Continue Reading →