North America

Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe

Transfer Pizzeria

Grab a Pizza and a Slice of History in Walker’s Point

My desert-island food? Pizza. This is the one food item I would want to have if I found myself stranded on an island (unless I am stranded on The Island, in which case 30 year-old Dharma Pizza may not be my first choice).… Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Party Time, Excellent.

We went to a party and a brewery tour broke out. Well, not exactly, but that is what it felt like. The Milwaukee Brewing Company is located south of downtown in Walker’s Point. The brewery started as the Milwaukee Ale House brewpub, but demand grew so much,  they had to move the brewing to a dedicated facility.… Continue Reading →

New Glarus Brewery

Ryan Got Totally Naked at New Glarus Brewery

Living in Wisconsin does have its advantages. We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, we make amazing cheese and brew kick-ass beer. (Of course, we do get 6 months of snow, but I digress.)

And the kick-assiest beer, if you will, is found at The New Glarus Brewing Company just down the highway from Madison in America’s “Little Switzerland”.… Continue Reading →

The National Mustard Museum

Home of Poupon U – America’s Mustard College

No trip to Middleton is complete without a stop at The National Mustard Museum. Just down the block from Capital Brewery, this little museum packs a spicy (or sweet or sharp or however your like your mustard) punch.

The gift shop is on the first floor, and is stuffed with novelty items, clothing and of course, all the mustard you could hope for.… Continue Reading →

Capital Brewery & Beer Garden

25 Years of Craft Brewing in Middleton, Wisconsin

Capital Brewery is famous for it’s German style beers, and rocking beer garden. Located just outside Madison, it was founded in 1986, at the beginning of America’s craft brewery movement. Twenty-five years on it’s still at the forefront, winning award after award and brewing quality beer right in our backyard

The tour begins with a little bit of history, but then becomes really hands on, you’re encouraged and allowed to touch, prod, poke and peer into the equipment – you can even stick your head inside the beautiful copper kettles – a no-no at most other breweries.… Continue Reading →

Natural Bridge State Park

Natural Bridge State Park

See A Stone Archway in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region

Autumn in Wisconsin can’t be beat. The crisp air, the sunshine and the maple leaves turning bright red make it the perfect time to get out and enjoy all that our state has to offer. Our latest adventure took us  about an hour northwest of Madison to Natural Bridge State Park.… Continue Reading →

Dr. Evermor’s Art Park

Come Marvel at the World-Famous Fabulously-Fantastic Foreverton!

Between Madison and Baraboo on US 12 lies the now defunct Badger Army Ammunition Plant. On November 19, 1941, with war seemingly imminent, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized 65 million dollars for the construction of the plant on 10,500 acres of land the US Army ‘acquired.’ Farmers protested, but there was no chance; construction began in March 1942 and by May 1943 the plant was operational.… Continue Reading →

Blue’s Egg Restaurant

Ryan & Mom at Blue's Egg

Tasty Brunch on Milwaukee’s West Side

When we visited family in Milwaukee recently, we stopped at Blue’s Egg near Miller Park to fuel up before hitting Lakefront Brewery. This diner has the friendly service you’d expect from your neighborhood joint, but with none of the grease.

The food was fresh and seasonal, and the coffee was strong.… Continue Reading →

Lakefront Brewery Tour

A Milwaukee craft brewery tour that doesn’t pull punches

Milwaukee’s beers are better than ever, thanks to Milwaukee Brewing Company, Sprecher Brewery and Lakefront Brewery. When we visited Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, we had a little company – Kindra’s parents, her brother and his girlfriend came along with us.… Continue Reading →

Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern

Cutting Cheese Since 1931

If Fromagination is a slice of Paris plopped down in Madison, then Baumgartner’s is what you get when a Swiss village mates with a Wisconsin tavern – and we mean that in the best possible way.

The first time we visited Baumgartner’s was during the 2010 Green County Cheese Days.… Continue Reading →