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Exploratorium and the Palace of Fine Arts

palace of fine arts

Hands-On Science in San Francisco

The scene in So I Married an Axe Murderer where Mike Myers and Nancy Travis are walking near a lagoon and she shouts at some sailors in Russian was filmed at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. This is also where Claire Forlani and Sean Connery meet in The Rock.… Continue Reading →

Fisherman’s Wharf

fisherman's wharf

San Francisco’s Piers Offer Something for Everyone

And we mean everyone. With all there is to do here, Fisherman’s Wharf is jam-packed with shoppers, diners, tourists and those looking for a stroll by the bay. Located on the northern tip of San Francisco, the Wharf is bordered by Ghirardelli (yes, that Ghirardelli) Square, near Pier 45 on the west side, and Pier 35 on the east side.… Continue Reading →

The Presidio

golden gate bridge

Presidio is Spanish for “Fort”

After you take the Cable Car from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf with a throng of tourists, you may be disappointed with the view. Here is the beautiful San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz in middle and the Golden Gate Bridge to the left, and all you can see is an In and Out Burger and stores hawking catchphrases on t-shirts.… Continue Reading →

Tyranena Brewery

Tyranena Bitter Women IPA

Technical Brewery Tour Worth the Time

The Tyranena Brewing Company can be found a mile from the Lake Mills exit along Wisconsin’s busiest highway: the stretch of Interstate 94 between Madison and Milwaukee. On the other side of this city of 5000 is the the Glacial Drumlin State Trail, a recreational “rail to trail” that is popular among cyclists.… Continue Reading →

Braise Restaurant

Wisconsin Local Cheese at Braise Restaurant

Farm-to-Table Restaurant In Walker’s Point

The locavore movement is a push to return to the way humans grew and produced their food for all of history up until the last generation or so. It asks us take a hard look at what food is, how it is produced and where it comes from.… Continue Reading →

Oxford Hotel

Denver’s First Hotel is also Denver’s Finest

The Oxford Hotel as been a part of Denver almost as long as there has been a Denver to be a part of. Way back at the end of the 18th century, brewer Adolph Zang (brewers seem to know what’s best for Denver) decided that there needed to be a luxury hotel close to the newly constructed Union Station to serve business and leisure travelers coming in by train.… Continue Reading →

Ferry Building

San Francisco’s Foodie Paradise

Smack dab in the middle of the Embarcadero, the Ferry Building was once the gateway to San Francisco. Thousands of travelers and commuters made their way across the bay by ferry each day. However, the completion of the Bay and Golden Gate bridges in the mid 1930s and the increasing the dominance of the car as the primary means of transport for Americans, the Ferry Building was left underutilized and disregarded.  … Continue Reading →


Fine Italian Dining in Downtown San Francisco

Fino Ristorante and Bar is a cozy little place just off Union Square that has quiet, comfortable dining area that stands in stark contrast to the crowds and noise of this tourisy area. The entrance is around back, so follow the neon sign arrow around the corner.… Continue Reading →


Sushi at Ozumo in San Francisco

Best Sushi in San Francisco

That’s what Yelp said, and we concur. Located near the Ferry Building, Ozumo is a large restaurant featuring a sushi bar, grill, sake lounge and dining areas. The restaurant offers lovely views of the Embarcadero and the Bay, but you would not know this from the entrance on Steuart Street.… Continue Reading →

Sears Fine Food

Great Food With a Side of Nostalgia

Along the cable car line on Powell Street just north of Union Square is a San Francisco institution: Sears Fine Food. Sears opened it doors in 1938 and has been serving steaks, seafood and cocktails to locals and tourists alike for over 70 years.… Continue Reading →