North America

Honeypie Cafe

Eggs Benedict, Honeypie Cafe

Brunch in Bayview

Honeypie Cafe in Bayview, Milwaukee is uses fresh, local ingredients to make Wisconsin style food. What is Wisconsin style food you ask? Well, it’s tasty, seasonal, home cooked comfort food with an emphasis on cheese (of course) and pork. This commitment to all things Wisconsin extends to the bar as well.… Continue Reading →

Anodyne Cafe

anodyne cafe

Bayview’s Best Coffee

One of the best places for coffee in Madison is the Victory. Located on Atwood Avenue on the East side, this tiny outfit on the corner of Corry Street serves up some big taste. Great coffee comes from great roasters and Victory’s source is Anodyne. With flavor this rich, we had to make a pilgrimage.Continue Reading →

The Victory

the victory

The East Side of Madison’s Best Coffee

“I feel like coffee,” she says.

“I want ice cream,” he says.

The solution? The Victory. Located on the corner of Atwood Avenue and Corry Street on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin, the Victory is the place for coffee in Madison’s hip east side neighborhood.… Continue Reading →

Highway 18 Outdoor Theater

Old-Fashioned Drive-In Movie Theater In Jefferson

Thirty miles east of Madison, just outside of Jefferson, lies a place that will take you back to a time before multiplexes and stadium seating. The Highway 18 Outdoor Theater shows first-run movies as part of a double (or triple!) feature on summer nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.… Continue Reading →

Atomic Interiors

eames chair

Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Madison

Atomic Interiors doesn’t just sell furniture; they sell an idea that good design is timeless. Yes, they are one of Madison’s two Herman Miller retailers, but most of their show room is filled with used furniture. Actually, that term does not quite fit what they have, nor does “antiques.” What they sell is well-designed, mid-century modern furniture-be it new or not.… Continue Reading →

Memorial Union & Lake Mendota

memorial union

The perfect Summer (or Spring or Fall) Day in Madison

So you are in Madison for a day and the weather is just too gorgeous to be inside. You are aware that the summers are painfully short here and you want to take advantage of the sunshine while you can. The perfect day?… Continue Reading →

The Color Run

Well, we’re back from Japan, and will be posting all about it soon – if you just can’t wait and want to see photos right now, you can follow us on Facebook!. We’re also preparing for our adventure this weekend – running The Color Run in Racine! Check out their promo video below, and see if The Color Run is coming to a city near you.Continue Reading →

The Famous Crystal River Canoe Trip

crystal river waupaca

Canoe Trip In Waupaca, Wisconsin

Between Stevens Point and Appleton, just off of US 10 lies a slice of paradise in Waupaca: 22 spring-fed lakes all joined together. The Chain O’ Lakes is home to many childhood memories, some of the best pizza around and Ding’s Dock. Ding has been taking people down the Crystal River since your dad was a kid.… Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Day Trip

sprecher brewery

Eight Hours in the Brew City

Whenever L&A goes to a city, we head for their art museum and brewery. To my knowledge, these do not exist as a single entity, but if anyone knows of one, please let us know. Milwaukee is a city with a museum and several breweries, so we went for a day trip.… Continue Reading →

Biking to the Tyranena Brewery

tyranena brewery

Biking and Beer in Lake Mills, Wisconsin

One of the best things about living in Wisconsin is that the state is crisscrossed with bike trails built on old rail lines. These trails are straight, flat and smooth, and take you through some of the most beautiful and peaceful landscapes on earth.  … Continue Reading →