Parrilla De Maria


Charcoal Grill in Madrid

Growing up in Appleton, Wisconsin, we had a restaurant with a charcoal grill called Mr. Cinders. It was on the other side of town and served artery clogging food, so my parents rarely took us, but man did they serve the best steak sandwiches. Inside, the fire burned all day long so the place was always hot, which was perfect because we only went there in winter when it was too cold to grill out at home.… Continue Reading →

Sabatini Gardens and Campo del Moro

Two Parks in Western Madrid

Madrid is hot. Spain is hot.  Folks will tell you it is a dry heat, so that means if you can get out of the sun, you can cool off a bit. Not like the Midwest where July’s air feels so thick you could cut it.… Continue Reading →

Palacio Real

Spain’s Royal Palace In Western Madrid

No trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to at least one palace. Visiting these larger-than-life residences gives you a chance to see how the Kings and Queens of yore spent their spoils of war and New World gold. No expense was spared, but if you think you would like to trade places, just remember where the bathroom is.… Continue Reading →

Templo de Debod

Egyptian Temple Rebuilt In The Heart Of Madrid

Construction on Templo de Debod began in on the shores of the Nile in Egypt in the second century BC. It stood there for over 2000 years until the construction of a dam forced the temple to be moved. It was dismantled between 1969 and 1970 and moved to Spain where it was rebuilt brick by brick in Madrid.… Continue Reading →

Mercado de San Miguel

Al fresco à la carte in central Madrid

The newly renovated Mercado de San Miguel is a beaux arts masterpiece housing an amazing assortment of Spanish food and drink. Inside the iron and glass market, 33 vendors vie for the attention of your taste buds, so grab some cash from the ATMs across the street and head in.… Continue Reading →