Parrilla De Maria


Charcoal Grill in Madrid

Growing up in Appleton, Wisconsin, we had a restaurant with a charcoal grill called Mr. Cinders. It was on the other side of town and served artery clogging food, so my parents rarely took us, but man did they serve the best steak sandwiches. Inside, the fire burned all day long so the place was always hot, which was perfect because we only went there in winter when it was too cold to grill out at home.… Continue Reading →

Sabatini Gardens and Campo del Moro

Two Parks in Western Madrid

Madrid is hot. Spain is hot.  Folks will tell you it is a dry heat, so that means if you can get out of the sun, you can cool off a bit. Not like the Midwest where July’s air feels so thick you could cut it.… Continue Reading →

Parque Maria Luisa

parque maria luisa

Spend A Relaxing Day In Sevilla’s Central Park

In America, weekends have become somehow busier than weekdays. We cram a whole
week’s worth of errands into Saturday and then spend Sunday “relaxing” by shopping at the mall, often close to where we were the day before. In order to supply this demand, more of us are working on weekends.… Continue Reading →

Palacio Real

Spain’s Royal Palace In Western Madrid

No trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to at least one palace. Visiting these larger-than-life residences gives you a chance to see how the Kings and Queens of yore spent their spoils of war and New World gold. No expense was spared, but if you think you would like to trade places, just remember where the bathroom is.… Continue Reading →


Sevilla’s Royal Palace is One-of-a-Kind

Forget everything you know about Royal Palaces. Good. The Alcazar of Sevilla is unlike any palace you have been to before. Here, you will not find room after room of ornate furniture you are allowed to look at (people were so short back then, weren’t they?) but not touch, nor will you find galleries filled with portraits of long dead royals, all bearing an uneasy resemblance to each other.… Continue Reading →

Sevilla Cathedral

Sevilla Cathedral Doors

“Let a church so beautiful and so great that those who see it built will think we were mad”.

With those words, construction on the Cathedral of Seville began. During the Reconquista, the Spanish exiled the Moors (who had been there since 711) and turned either replaced or converted the mosques into churches.… Continue Reading →

The Mezquita

The photo on the title page of my 11th grade Spanish textbook captivated me. The picture showed a temple of some sort with an array of stone columns. The columns supported a seemingly endless system of red and white arches that faded away to a vanishing point. As a high school junior, this picture stared at me every time I opened my Spanish book to practice verb conjugation or learn the vocabulary of a typical household.… Continue Reading →

The Mezquita, Cordoba

Stay tuned, we’re working on new posts right now! In the meantime, feast your eyes on this lovely photo from Cordoba.

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Emperador Trajano

Great Morning Meal In Sevilla

Before the sun gets too hot for coffee, stop by Emperador Trajano for a cup of espresso and some pastry. Both are just what you need to start your day off right, but if you wait until later in the day, when the Spanish sun is beating down, you may not feel like these tasty treats.… Continue Reading →

Restaurante Nueva Victoria

Tapas along the Guadalquivir

Spain is hot. (Have I mentioned this before?) Okay, not all of the time. Since the sun is the cause of this heat, nights are downright pleasant. So are mornings before the sun gets too high and evenings after the sun goes down. The Spanish have evolved a lifestyle that works runs on this diurnal cycle.… Continue Reading →