Holyrood Castle

Holyrood Palace Abbey

Romance, Murder, Intrigue!

At the bottom of the Royal Mile lies Holyrood Palace. Unlike Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood has never been a fortress, relying instead on the spiritual power of its abbey to offer sanctuary and safety to its royal patrons and guests. This strategy has had mixed results.

Holyrood was originally founded as an Augustinian monastery in the 12th century by King David I.… Continue Reading →

The Royal Mile

Royal Mile Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Town’s Oldest Street

After you are done visiting Edinburgh Castle head through the gates and across the esplanade to the Royal Mile. This series of streets has linked the castle, the town and the palace of Holyrood since the 1100s.

Dominated by tall buildings on either side, the street has tiny alleyways, or closes, branching off from the main drag.… Continue Reading →

A Visit to Edinburgh Castle

View of Edinburgh Castle

Centuries of Scottish History Perched on a Hill

I have wanted to go to Scotland ever since I was a little girl. As a teenager I devoured my grandmother’s copies of Mary Queen of Scotland and The Isles and Outlander*. As an adult, I came this close to Scotland, with trips to England and Ireland, but never made it to the promised land.… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: St. Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh

Stained glass in St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh

St. Margaret’s Chapel in the Edinburgh Castle complex is the oldest surviving building in the city. The chapel was built in the 12th century, but the stained glass dates from 1922. See more photos of Edinburgh on our Pinterest board.
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