Day Trips from Amsterdam

texel brewery Here are our hand picked day trips to Dutch cities that will help you explore the rich cultural, recreational and tasty attractions of the Netherlands.

Restaurants & Cafes in Amsterdam

Fresh Stroopwafels at Albert Cuypmarket Our favorite places to eat in Amsterdam run the gamut from traditional Dutch cafes to cosmopolitan slow food restaurants. We've sussed out the best bitterballen, stroopwafels, pankoeken and more at these hand-picked eateries. (Don't worry, we've also got some great Italian options too.)

Places to Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Houses We've personally stayed at these hotels in Amsterdam, and recommend them without reservation. Although we do recommend you make reservations - they fill up fast!

Things to Do in Amsterdam

I Amsterdam Museumplein Here is a list of the best things to do in Amsterdam. We've personally visited each and every attraction to find the most engaging places for you to visit. From world-class museums to beautiful parks, Amsterdam has a lot to offer every visitor.

Amsterdam City Guide

Amsterdam is friendly, charming, cool & relaxed. If the city was a person — you would want to be best friends forever. It’s leafy cobbled streets border serene canals and are filled with quirky shops and excellent restaurants, bars and cafes. Not to mention, the city’s residents are exceptionally nice. We just love visiting and we know that you will to.… Continue Reading →

London Calling

Calling Big Ben

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
― Samuel Johnson

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Recharge on This Daytrip From Amsterdam

Leiden is steeped in history. It is home to Rembrandt Van Rijn, one of Europe’s oldest universities and the site of the first tulips in Europe. The tulip reached the Netherlands having come from Persia and Turkey through Vienna – all part of the Ottoman Empire – in 1594. … Continue Reading →

Biking to Edam


The Namesake of the Cheese in  Noord Holland

 L&A HQ is located in America’s Dairyland, and we eat our (more than) fair share of cheese. As the old saying goes, “It’s not a meal without cheese.” Wait, that’s not an old saying? Must be something we just say. Maybe it’s on our license plates.… Continue Reading →

Hotel Estherea

Swank Splurge in Central Amsterdam

Hotels in Amsterdam can be kinda pricey. The city has a lot to offer and word is out that it’s an awesome place to visit. If you want to stay in central Amsterdam, but don’t want a flop house next to Centraal Station filled with teenagers, you may pay a little more for a room than you’d like.… Continue Reading →

Our Lord in the Attic Church

Hidden Church near Amsterdam’s Red Light District

The Dutch government has a history of  tolerance. Take a few steps from Centraal Station and smell the marijuana smoke and take a peek at the ladies in the window boxes and the word “tolerance” does not seem, I don’t know, strong enough. So when anti-Catholic sentiment was all the rage in Europe, what did the tolerant Dutch do?… Continue Reading →