Nika Hostel

Comfy Bed, Nika Hostel, Rome

Your very own Roman apartment

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your job, moving to Europe and buying a little pied-à-terre in Rome? Well Nika Hostel in the San Giovanni neighborhood lets you live out that daydream for a little while.

Nika Hostel isn’t a party hostel; the only common areas are the kitchen, hallway and two bathrooms.… Continue Reading →

Paris Day One

Eiffel Tower

Craft Beer + The Eiffel Tower = A magical first day in Paris

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Rome, the Eternal City

A photo essay of Rome, from the ancient to the modern. The Colosseum, the Palatine, the Forum and Villa Borghese are highlighted.

La Dolce Vita in Cinque Terre

A photo essay exploring the sweet life in Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarolo, Riomaggiore & Monterosso.. From focaccia to fritti, from the sea to the beach, Cinque Terre has it all.

Roman Holiday

A photo essay exploring Rome. Including the Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and more.

Mack Brewery in Tromso

Mack Brewery

Emily from Invisible Glamour shares her brewery experience from the top of the world 

As we made a broad loop around the island of Tromsø, Norway I looked eagerly out the airplane window and realized for the first time in my life I was north of the Arctic Circle. I wanted, more than anything, to remember that view forever – even if, from above, our approach to Tromsø was oddly similar to a late night landing in Des Moines.… Continue Reading →

Road Tripping Through The Scottish Highlands

From Edinburgh to Oban Through the Trossachs National Park

Although we normally like to use public transportation when we travel, our route from Edinburgh to Oban just wouldn’t work without a car. So, armed with our international driving permits, we picked up a car in Edinburgh and hit the road.… Continue Reading →