Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Flower Market

Only in Amsterdam will you find a flower and bulb market floating in a canal. Seriously, how much Dutch imagery can you combine? I suppose if they also sold windmills made out of Gouda…

The Bloemenmarkt has been selling flowers along the Singel canal for over 150 years.… Continue Reading →


Amsterdam’s Central Park is the Perfect Place to Relax

Amsterdam has a lot to offer: picturesque canals, impossibly cute houses and quaint little shops, but sometimes you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Any metropolis worth their salt has a large public park for its citizens and visitors to stretch their legs, kick back and relax.… Continue Reading →

Overnight Stay in Oslo


Twenty Hours in Norway’s Capital City

Olso is pretty far north and in the summer that means it gets late well, late. This is no problem if you are a night owl, but if you go to bed early, it may feel like you are the kid in bed who can hear the other neighborhood children playing outside.… Continue Reading →

Stoop & Stoop

Delicious Food in Central Amsterdam

When you head to Leidseplein Square in central Amsterdam to see a band at Milkweg or some comedy at Boom Chicago, you may look around and wonder what there is to eat. You thought you would leave a bit early to catch supper before the show, but when you get there, you don’t see anything appetizing.… Continue Reading →

Keukenhof Gardens


Tiptoe Through the Tulips on this Day Trip from Amsterdam

The Dutch are very keen on horticulture. After windmills, when people think of the Netherlands, they think of tulips. They are on every souvenir at every shop, there is a flower market in the center of Amsterdam selling bulbs all year round and the Hortus Botanicus runs a tulip exhibit.… Continue Reading →

De Kaaskamer

De Kaaskamer

Cheese Shop in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets

After spending a morning shopping the impossibly cute shops in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets, you are probably starving. It takes a lot of energy to browse through vintage clothing stores, antique shops, and stores that sell nothing but buttons or toothbrushes. After converting all of those prices from euros to US dollars (best not to think about the poor exchange rate too much-you overbudgeted for this trip, remember), it is time for lunch.… Continue Reading →

Croissanterie Egstorf

Chocolate Croissant

Breakfast Fare To Go In Central Amsterdam

The only think worse than airport food is airplane food (well, possibly public school lunches). Airport food is going to cost you and your options are usually limited to fast food or someplace with a TV chef’s picture on it. The prices are through the roof because they can be; you are trapped and they know it.… Continue Reading →

Parrilla De Maria


Charcoal Grill in Madrid

Growing up in Appleton, Wisconsin, we had a restaurant with a charcoal grill called Mr. Cinders. It was on the other side of town and served artery clogging food, so my parents rarely took us, but man did they serve the best steak sandwiches. Inside, the fire burned all day long so the place was always hot, which was perfect because we only went there in winter when it was too cold to grill out at home.… Continue Reading →

Sabatini Gardens and Campo del Moro

Two Parks in Western Madrid

Madrid is hot. Spain is hot.  Folks will tell you it is a dry heat, so that means if you can get out of the sun, you can cool off a bit. Not like the Midwest where July’s air feels so thick you could cut it.… Continue Reading →

B&B Lunchroom


Delicious Sandwich Shop in Central Amsterdam

When I was a kid, I came home for lunch every day. I did this all throughout elementary school. I would walk the two blocks from school to home with my younger brother and sister, and when we arrived (at the same time every day), mom would be there waiting with a wonderful lunch on the table.… Continue Reading →