Mack Brewery in Tromso

Mack Brewery

Emily from Invisible Glamour shares her brewery experience from the top of the world 

As we made a broad loop around the island of Tromsø, Norway I looked eagerly out the airplane window and realized for the first time in my life I was north of the Arctic Circle. I wanted, more than anything, to remember that view forever – even if, from above, our approach to Tromsø was oddly similar to a late night landing in Des Moines.… Continue Reading →

Overnight Stay in Oslo


Twenty Hours in Norway’s Capital City

Olso is pretty far north and in the summer that means it gets late well, late. This is no problem if you are a night owl, but if you go to bed early, it may feel like you are the kid in bed who can hear the other neighborhood children playing outside.… Continue Reading →

Flam: Norway In A Nutshell

Fjord Escape

Norway is gorgeous: fact. Norway is expensive: fact. These can be reconciled to an affordable, unforgettable experience: fact.

The village of Flam, with its 400 or so full-time residents, is located in the heart of Norway’s fjords. It is part of the “Norway in a Nutshell” tour, a combination of trains, buses and ferries that brings tourists across the country from Oslo to Bergen.… Continue Reading →

AEgir Brewery

Aegir Brewery, Flam, Norway

Dramatic Scenery & Bold Beers in Norway

An American brewer falls in love with a Norwegian woman, and the result is Ægir Brewery – one of most beautiful bars in one of the most beautiful towns on earth. However, the brewery is more than a just pretty face in a pretty place: the beer here is damn good.… Continue Reading →