Paris Sewer Museum

Le Musée des Égouts de Paris

One of the hallmarks of a great civilization is the ability to undertake massive waterworks projects so that its citizens don’t die a tragic, horrible and swift death from cholera or typhus. The Romans had their massive aqueducts, the Americans their Chicago River Project and the Parisians their sewers.… Continue Reading →

Librairie Ulysse

Travel Book Store on the Île Saint-Louis

Walking down the rue Saint-Louis en Île, it’s hard to tell what the Librairie Ulysse holds at first glance. The windows are a little dim, and tourists and school children are milling about, eating ice cream from Berthillon; it doesn’t even really look open…as a matter of fact, the odds are that it isn’t open.… Continue Reading →


Historic Restaurant in Paris

Paris is a city filled with landmarks, but far too rare is the opportunity to dine at one (or at least one that won’t break the bank–Cafe de Flore, we’re looking at you). Luckily, Resaurant Chartier, which opened its doors in 1896 is serving hearty classic French food at a reasonable price to locals and visitors alike in its Belle Epoque building.… Continue Reading →

Basilique du Sacre-Cœur

Sacre Couer

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart

You probably know that the most tallest and most visible structure in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, but the second? That would be the Sacré-Cœur Basilica on top of Montmartre.

There it is…see it? Shimmering in the distance, like a wedding-cake mirage on the northern edge of the city.… Continue Reading →

Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries

Peace and elegance in the heart of Paris

Every great city must have a great park that reflects its personality. In London, Hyde Park welcomes families, footballers and aristocrats alike to it bucolic grounds. In Amsterdam, Vondelpark is relaxed and informal, a place where stoners and runners can both find bliss on a sunny afternoon.… Continue Reading →

La Cave à Bulles

Beer at Cave a Bulles

French, Belgian & American Craft Beer Store in Paris

La Cave à Bulles is both literally and figuratively the epicenter for craft beer in Paris. Literally, because it’s located in the 3rd arrondissement in the center of Paris, and figuratively because its owner, Simon Thillou, is changing the face of craft beer in France.… Continue Reading →


Ryan eating Berthillon Ice Cream

The Best Ice Cream in Paris

Paris is a city best explored by foot and after walking all those miles, you will probably be hungry. Everyone loves a sweet treat while on vacation, and in Paris, there is temptation on every block. Crepes at a corner cafe. Pain au chocolat from a boulangerie.… Continue Reading →

Hotel De Rocroy

Cozy and comfortable Paris hotel

Although the Hotel de Rocroy is just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the Gare du Nord train station, the hotel itself is tucked away on a side street. The rooms are quiet and comfortable – perfect for a romantic getaway in the city of lights.… Continue Reading →

Hotel Avalon Paris

A stylish steal in the city

We were almost afraid to tell you all about the Hotel Avalon because it’s such a fabulous deal in a very expensive city, and we wanted to keep it all to ourselves! However, we couldn’t do that to you, our devoted readers, so here’s the skinny on this bargain boutique hotel near the Gare du Nord.… Continue Reading →

Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or

Pouring beers at Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or
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Evocative and delicious craft beer in Paris

Something big is happening in Paris. After years of simply sipping Kronenbourg in their shandies, Parisians are rediscovering craft beer. A hundred years ago, every neighborhood had their own local brasserie. (Brasserie means brewery, after all.) But just like in the states, the big players crowded out the little guy, and one by one, the local beers died and macro beers reigned supreme.… Continue Reading →