Czech Republic

The Jewish Museum in Prague

Spanish Synagogue in Prague

Jewish History and Culture in the Old Ghetto

The Jewish Museum in Prague documents the Jewish experience in Czech lands (Bohemia and Moravia) for the last thousand years. Exhibits spread across six different sites describe the history and traditions of the Jewish people in the region.

The museum was created when the Jewish Ghetto (Josefov) underwent redevelopment at the turn of the last century.… Continue Reading →

Old-New Synagogue

Old-New Synagogue, Prague

Europe’s Oldest Synagogue

When the Old-New Synagogue (Staronová Synagoga) was built in 1270 it was originally called the New Synagogue, because there were older ones to compare it to. However, by the 1500s, the older synagogues were gone and newer ones had been built, so the New Synagogue became known as Old-New Synagogue.… Continue Reading →

Mucha Museum

Alfons Mucha - Gismonda Poster

Exploring the work of the Art Nouveau master

Alphonse Mucha is the Czech Republic’s best known artist. His work can be seen today in St. Vitus’ Cathedral (stained glass windows), at the Municipal house (frescos) and was even used during the 30s on currency. One of the progenitors of Art Nouveau, Mucha’s work features serene, seductive women framed by swirling pastel foliage.… Continue Reading →

Prague Castle

View of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge

Castle, Cathedral and More

Prague has so many sites located in its historic city center, that the entire area is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Most of the main attractions are located in the Old Town on the eastern side of the Vlatava River and are within a few minutes’ walk of the Old Town Square.… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: The View from Prague Castle

View from the Hrad, Prague

Prague is such a compelling city. It’s a pastel jumble of baroque and renaissance buildings punctuated with a dark gothic exclamation marks. This photo was taken one rainy afternoon from Prague Castle. 
See more of this beautiful city on our Prague Pinterest board.… Continue Reading →

Old Town Square

Old Town Square, Prague

Prague’s Historic Center

“Before independence, the city was gray. Now it is full of color.” This remark came from a cab driver and a lifelong resident of Prague. Indeed, Prague is one of Europe’s most gorgeous cities, and it always has been, but it took the emergence from the behind the Iron Curtain for that beauty to flourish once again.… Continue Reading →

Prague Astronomy Clock

Astronomy Clock Face, Prague

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

On the south side of the Old Town Hall (the left side if you are looking at the front of the hall from Old Town Square ) is one of the most unique sights Prague has to offer, the Prague Astronomical Clock (Pražský Orloj).… Continue Reading →

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in the morning

Prague’s Gothic Pedestrian Bridge

Photo courtesy: Estec Hotel

When you first see the Charles Bridge (Karlův Most), with its Baroque statues and gothic towers, your first thought is probably something along the lines of “I didn’t think it would be  this big.” At thirty feet wide and 1600 feet long, it is seems even larger because of the towers at each end and the statutes looming over you as you walk across.… Continue Reading →

K+K Central Hotel-Prague

Art Deco Hotel in Prague

Luxury Hotel in the Center of the Old Town

Prague is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe — so much so that the historic town center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Art Nouveau buildings line medieval squares and green copper statues and gothic cathedrals dot the city’s landscape.… Continue Reading →