Belgian Beer

Drinking Belgian Beer

Drinking like a monk in Brussels

You can find Belgian beer all over the world, but for true fanatics and completists, a trip to Brussels is an efficient (and tipsy!) way to sample every beer Belgium has to offer.

Now, what makes a Belgian beer so special?  First, Belgium has a long historical tradition of producing high quality beers.… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis in Brussels

Brussels’ (unofficial) mascot is a statue of a small urinating boy.

This cheeky, devil-may-care child is a symbol of Belgian independence and brio. Although his origin story is a little murky, he’s been happily peeing in this corner for over 700 years. He owns hundreds of outfits, sent by adoring fans and foreign dignitaries alike, and on occasion he actually pisses beer.… Continue Reading →

Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate

Part Three: Chocolately Goodness

Belgian chocolate is world-renowned, and with good reason. Sweet, rich and creamy, it is made by hand from top-quality ingredients. Many of Brussels top chocolatiers can be found in the area surrounding the Grote Markt. It is probably a good idea to sample the fare at as many as you can before you decide on which store you are going to empty your bank account at.… Continue Reading →

Lunch on the Grote Markt

Part Two: Mussels in  Brussels

When you first get off of the train in Brussels, you may be tempted to dive right into what makes Belgium famous: its beer. However, with potency ranging in the 6% to 8% ABV for a dubbel and 8% to 10% ABV for a tripel, it is best to grab a meal first, or your memories of Brussels may remind you of your college days.… Continue Reading →

Let’s go to Brussels!

Part One: Getting There

London, Paris and Amsterdam: three capital cities that are amazing, gorgeous and have so much to offer. Now, you could grab a cheap flight from a budget carrier like Easyjet and fly there in under an hour, but unfortunately that does not take into account getting to and from the airports, queuing up for security and the waiting in the terminal and on the tarmac.… Continue Reading →