Etsy Roundup: Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

Is your bag a little blah? Do you have a hard time picking out your suitcase from a sea of identical black suitcases at the baggage carousel? Dress up your luggage with these cute tags we’ve rounded up on Etsy!

  1. Leather tags hand stamped with “Let’s go on an Adventure” are ruggedly perfect
  2. Ooh la-la – these enameled french luggage tags are très chic
  3. Speaking of chic – this chevron patterned passport and luggage tag set is restrained and lovely.
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Etsy Roundup: Map Madness

We love to shop for handmade and unique items for our friends and family – so of course we are on Etsy all the time. Here are our favorite map related picks:

  1. The perfect gift for your crafty – yet jet-setting best friend: DIY Travel Map Kit – World Map No.
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Pack Light and Carry On

Pack Light and Carry On

In case you need any reminding to pack light and carry on, here’s a poster for you to hang up! We’ll make this available as iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers soon, but if you need something to decorate your technology in the meantime, check out our January wallpapers featuring Murren, Switzerland.Continue Reading →

Around the World in 5 Minutes

Need a quick travel fix? Daydream and travel around the world in under 5 minutes in this remarkable time lapse video. Kind of makes you want to grab your camera and take off!
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London Tube Ghost Station Posters

Abandoned London Tube Stations - Penney Design

Lovely Tube Infographics

As you’re whizzing past stations on the London Underground, do you ever wonder what happened to the closed and abandoned stations? Well wonder no more – Robert Penney has designed really cool infographic posters detailing exactly what’s going on in the Tube’s disused stations. See all 5 of the posters over in his portfolio & then buy yours here.Continue Reading →

Mapnificent Transportation Visualization Tool

London Trip Planning with Mapnificent

Find the right spot with Mapnificent

 Stefan Wehrmeyer has created a visualization tool that can help you find the best place to stay in a city, based on public transportation availability. Read more about the project over on his website.… Continue Reading →


Nice typographic logotype by Albin Holmqvist

Talented designer Albin Holmqvist was commissioned by EF International Language Centers to create typographic logotypes for their 40 destinations. Beautiful work. (via Quipsologies)

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