Restaurants & Cafes in Amsterdam

Native Dutch food veers a little too far towards the meat and potatoes end of the spectrum for our tastes (although we are fond of bitterballen), but happily, their penchant for perfection and cosmopolitan tastes mean that they have mastered plenty of other cuisines. As long as you stay away from touristy restaurants, (see our tips for picking a restaurant) you should be just fine – but here are our personal favorites.

Chocolate Bar


Restaurant and Bar in Amsterdam Zuid Chocolate Bar is a restaurant and bar located just off of the Albert Cuyp Market in the De Pijp. With a wide variety of food and drinks, it is the perfect place to get lunch, dinner or a late night snack. If the weather is nice, grab a table outside and […]

Poptasi Pastry – Dangerously Delicious Macarons

Poptasi Macarons

Do you want to know a secret? I LOVE macarons. Okay, that’s not much of a secret. Everybody with tastebuds and a heart loves macarons. Those little buggers are tasty! And, gluten free – which totally blew my mind, because I just automatically assume that everything gluten free is kind of…bland. But I digress. Let’s […]

De Stadskantine

Breakfast at de Stadskantine

Coffee and Croissants, Beer and Broodjes in Amsterdam You know the type of food you want, but you can’t put it to words. You don’t want fast food, nor do you want to go to a restaurant and sit down. Cafes are for lingering; you just want a quick bite to eat and maybe a […]


Perfect Pasta at Spaghetteria, Amsterdam

Sublime Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid You know the saying, “If you only have one thing on the menu, you better do it right.” Well,  from this cozy single room restaurant comes some of the best Italian food found outside of Italy. At Spaghetteria, the pasta is handmade each day from organic wheat straight from […]

Casa Di David

Italian Restaurant on a Dutch Canal Dutch food is great (especially if you like comfort food), and we just love bitterballen, gouda and frites. But Italian food is also amazing, so if you are pining for some pasta but you’re in Amsterdam, not Assisi, check out Casa di David. Centrally located on the Singel canal, it is easy to […]

Stoop & Stoop

Delicious Food in Central Amsterdam When you head to Leidseplein Square in central Amsterdam to see a band at Milkweg or some comedy at Boom Chicago, you may look around and wonder what there is to eat. You thought you would leave a bit early to catch supper before the show, but when you get there, […]

Croissanterie Egstorf

Chocolate Croissant

Breakfast Fare To Go In Central Amsterdam The only think worse than airport food is airplane food (well, possibly public school lunches). Airport food is going to cost you and your options are usually limited to fast food or someplace with a TV chef’s picture on it. The prices are through the roof because they […]

B&B Lunchroom


Delicious Sandwich Shop in Central Amsterdam When I was a kid, I came home for lunch every day. I did this all throughout elementary school. I would walk the two blocks from school to home with my younger brother and sister, and when we arrived (at the same time every day), mom would be there […]

Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

Small Restaurant, Big Pancakes Yes, we know it shows up in all of the guidebooks but that should not scare you away. Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs is nothing short of charming. After you find Grimburgwal 2, you immediately ascend some pretty steep (though typical by Dutch standards) stairs and find yourself in a room that would be […]

Brasserie Harkema

Dining at Harkema in Amsterdam

Hip Restaurant in Amsterdam If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to splash out on your last night of vacation – go to Brasserie Harkema – it’s sleek and sexy without being stuffy. The food is tasty – a leetle on the pricey side if you’re used to being a budget traveler – […]

De Beiaard

Restaurant and Bar in Central Amsterdam Located on the Spui, near ABC Bookstore and the Amsterdam Museum, this restaurant is our go-to choice for dinner in Central Amsterdam. Like your favorite sweater, it’s old, comfortable and always there for you. The beer list is respectable, with a pan-European assortment of the good and the great. Their […]

Screaming Beans

Screaming Beans Coffee is bliss

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Caffeine At least, my head screams for caffeine in the morning, and the first thing we usually when we wake up is hunt around for my coffee fix. Good thing it’s easy to find great coffee in the Netherlands. Walk into any restaurant, cafe, bar or even coffee shop (yes those […]

Vleminckx Sausmeesters French Fries

Belgian Frites in Amsterdam

They’re better than fries — they’re frites. You know the feeling: it’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’ve been walking all day enjoying the sites of the city, and now you’re hungry. Lunch was two museums ago, and dinner isn’t for ages. The solution? Vleminckx Frites at 33 Voetboogstraat, just off the Spui in […]


Lanskroon, Home of the Stroopwafels!

The Best Bakery in the World Bold words, we know, but we stand by this claim. After a transatlantic flight and a train ride into the city, the very first thing we do when we get to Amsterdam is walk down the Singel Canal and treat ourselves to lovely, gooey, crispy stroopwafels at Lanskroon. Our […]