Day Trips from Amsterdam

We love Amsterdam, but sometimes you just have to get out of town! Luckily, the Netherlands is extraordinarily easy to get around in, with rapid, easy to use trains and a truly amazing cycling network. Here are our hand-picked day trips that will help you explore the rich cultural, recreational and tasty attractions of the Netherlands.



Recharge on This Daytrip From Amsterdam Leiden is steeped in history. It is home to Rembrandt Van Rijn, one of Europe’s oldest universities and the site of the first tulips in Europe. The tulip reached the Netherlands having come from Persia and Turkey through Vienna – all part of the Ottoman Empire – in 1594. Remember […]

Biking to Edam


The Namesake of the Cheese in  Noord Holland  L&A HQ is located in America’s Dairyland, and we eat our (more than) fair share of cheese. As the old saying goes, “It’s not a meal without cheese.” Wait, that’s not an old saying? Must be something we just say. Maybe it’s on our license plates. We […]

Keukenhof Gardens


Tiptoe Through the Tulips on this Day Trip from Amsterdam The Dutch are very keen on horticulture. After windmills, when people think of the Netherlands, they think of tulips. They are on every souvenir at every shop, there is a flower market in the center of Amsterdam selling bulbs all year round and the Hortus […]

Zandvoort aan Zee

Biking Excursion Outside of Amsterdam Zandvoort aan Zee is a seaside resort town with something for everyone: miles of beaches for swimmers and sunbathers, cute stores where your mom can shop, casinos where your dad can lose some souvenir money and a national park for the whole family to explore. At only 30 minutes by […]

Texel Brewery

Beer Biking at its Best This isn’t the first time we’ve biked to a brewery, as a matter of fact biking and visiting breweries are two of our favorite things – so on our second trip to Texel, we made it a priority to bike to Oudeschilde and visit the Texel Brewery. The beer is […]

Texel: Get On Your Bikes And Ride!

Biking around Texel in the Netherlands Texel (pronounced TES-sel) is an island retreat located off of the north coast of the Netherlands. This is a cyclist’s paradise, even by Dutch standards (and that is saying something). You can reach it from Amsterdam by taking a train, then a bus and then a ferry-which sounds like […]