We are born & bred Wisconsinites, and the love of beer runs through our veins. Not only do we love to drink this sweet nectar of the gods, but we also love to visit breweries and learn more about craft beer while we are traveling. Of course, living in Wisconsin, we are spoilt for choice – our hometown of Madison has over 10 breweries (and counting)! But we also make time to seek out fabulous craft breweries and beer bars in Europe. Below is a list of breweries we have visited on our travels.

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Golden City Brewery

Golden, Colorado’s Second Largest Brewery Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver lies Golden, Colorado. Since the 1970s, most people have associated Golden with Coors, since the mega-brewery not only calls the town home, but also markets itself using the majestic backdrop of the Rockies in most of its advertising, […]

Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Coachella Valley Brewing Flight

Quench Your Thirst at this Desert Brewery This might be stating the obvious but…the desert is hot. Really hot. And it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting poolside at the Desert Riviera, swanning around Palm Springs, or hiking to the top of Mt. Ryan in Joshua Tree, whatever you’re doing, you’re going to work up a thirst […]

Dangerous Man Brewing

Small is beautiful Nestled in the charming Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis is the tiny and vibrant Dangerous Man Brewing Company. Despite the name and the ferociously bearded logo, Dangerous Man is first and foremost a neighborhood tap house that aims to bring fresh, delicious beer to its patrons while fostering a sense of community that […]

Bad Weather Brewing Company

Forecast: Good Beer Ahead Minnesota is known for its variable weather. The summers are hotter, the winters are colder; spring erupts in a fury of green, while fall flames out in a spectacular display. The west wind from the plains whips across the state and tangles with cold air direct from Canada. Snow is measured […]

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyner Weisse

25 years of inventive brewing goodness in the heart of Brooklyn Did you know that Pre-Prohibition New York once accounted for 10% of the beer production in the country? From its earliest days, New York’s Dutch and German immigrants brewed beer in the city and it took the passage of the 18th amendment to disrupt […]

Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or

Pouring beers at Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or
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Evocative and delicious craft beer in Paris Something big is happening in Paris. After years of simply sipping Kronenbourg in their shandies, Parisians are rediscovering craft beer. A hundred years ago, every neighborhood had their own local brasserie. (Brasserie means brewery, after all.) But just like in the states, the big players crowded out the little […]

Mack Brewery in Tromso

Mack Brewery

Emily from Invisible Glamour shares her brewery experience from the top of the world  As we made a broad loop around the island of Tromsø, Norway I looked eagerly out the airplane window and realized for the first time in my life I was north of the Arctic Circle. I wanted, more than anything, to […]

New Belgium Brewing

Pull your own pints at New Belgium Brewery

Magically Delicious Craft Beer I still remember my first sip of Fat Tire. I was at work, (relax I worked at a liquor store wine market) and the beer buyer who was in charge of my beerducation had me try it. A burst of sunlight broke through the clouds, an angelic choir sang, yadda yadda, […]

Odell Brewing Co.

Odell Brewing Co.

Innovative Craft Beer in Fort Collins While Odell may not have the nationwide name recognition of Fort Collins’ behemoth craft brewery, New Belgium, it is certainly no slouch when it comes to making beer. Founded in 1989 by Doug & Wynne Odell and his sister Corkie, Odell brewery is world-renowned for the depth and breadth […]

One Barrel Brewing Company

Beer at One Barrel Brewery
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Madison’s first nanobrewery One Barrel Brewery is located in the heart of Madison’s east side at the intersection of Atwood & Winnebago streets. It’s a perfect fit for the neighborhood, which is the epicenter of all things local and handcrafted in Madison. One Barrel brews each of their beers one barrel at a time. This […]

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Legendary Craft Beer Just like bigfoot, Great Divide beer is rare and elusive in Wisconsin (the nearest place to get is…Illinois-gasp!). That means, whenever we’re in Denver, we head directly to the brewery to bag a flight of their exceptional beer. Their flagship brew is the Yeti Imperial Stout, which we think is quite possibly […]

Ore Dock Brewing Company

Good Beer, Ore Dock, Marquette

Craft Beer in Marquette, MI Every summer, our dear friend (and L&A contributer!) Al invites us to stay at his family’s camp in Michigan’s upper peninsula. It’s a truly magical place, but frankly so much swimming, sauna-ing and relaxing can make you really thirsty for beer. Luckily the U.P.’s craft beer scene has been growing steadily. […]

Karben4 Brewery

NightCall, SamuRyePA, Block Party and Lady Luck Beer

Madison’s Newest Brewery Brings It And by “it” we mean amazing beer. Take a peek… Delicious looking amirite? Well, it tastes even better. We tried all of their available beers, and their offerings were uniformly excellent. It was hard to play favorites, but Ryan loved their SamuRyePA. It’s spicy yet maltaliciously sweet and superbly balanced. I […]

De Prael Brewery

Bottles of Beer at De Prael Brewery

Craft Beer in Amsterdam’s Red Light District So you thought there was nothing that would interest you in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Think again. Yes, the oldest part of the city is famously home to the oldest profession, but it is also home to De Prael Brewery. Located in a former auction house and wheelwright […]

Brouwerij ‘t Ij

Brouwerij't IJ - Brewery in Amsterdam

Brewery and Tasting Room in Amsterdam Looking for a great beer in Amsterdam? Then look underneath the windmill. Brouwerij t’Ij is located east of the canal ring and Centraal station near the docks. The brewery was originally located on the Ij River, but in 1985 it moved to a former public bathhouse adjacent to a […]

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

Flight of Beer at Deschutes

Craft Beer in Portland For the craft beer lover, a visit to Portland means tasting plenty of delicious, locally brewed beer. Full Sail, Rogue, Widmer Brothers, Bridgeport and Deschutes all call Oregon home. While you may be tempted to say that you do not have enough time to try all of Oregon’s best brews, we say […]

Rogue Distillery and Public House

Flights of Beer at Rogue Brewery

Check in as a Member of Rogue Nation in Portland Rogue Ales is renowned for their delicious craft beer, but did you know they own and operate several “meeting halls” in Oregon, one in Eugene, Washington and one in San Francisco? Should you find yourself near one, stop in for a pint. Or better yet, […]


Flight of Beer at a Brewery

We are born & bred Wisconsinites, and the love of beer runs through our veins. Not only do we love to drink this sweet nectar of the gods, but we also love to visit breweries and learn more about craft beer while we are traveling. Of course, living in Wisconsin, we are spoilt for choice […]

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Portland’s Eco-Friendly Brew Pub Our friend Luke works at a brewery in Portland. And not just any brewery either, but a brewery that is an awesome meld of beer and food and sustainability wrapped up in a bicycle-friendly wrapper. I know this sounds like it could describe most of Portland, but we are talking about Hopworks Urban […]

Full Sail Brewing Company

Full Sail Brewery

Hood River, Oregon’s Finest Beer When the Temperance Movement convinced enough people in enough states that prohibiting alcohol would be a good idea, America got the 18th Amendment. With its passage, breweries, wineries, distilleries, saloons, pubs, bars, lounges, clubs and taverns shuttered their doors and turned their employees into the unemployed. Along with losing its […]

Tyranena Brewery

Tyranena Bitter Women IPA

Technical Brewery Tour Worth the Time The Tyranena Brewing Company can be found a mile from the Lake Mills exit along Wisconsin’s busiest highway: the stretch of Interstate 94 between Madison and Milwaukee. On the other side of this city of 5000 is the the Glacial Drumlin State Trail, a recreational “rail to trail” that is popular […]

21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant

Love and Adventure at the 21st Amendment Bar

Brewery and Restaurant in San Francisco’s SoMa Neighborhood On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted ending the Temperance Movement’s 14-year reign of terror. Following the passage of the 18th Amendment banning alcohol in 1919, the movement predicted that ridding society of alcohol would rid society of the ill […]

Wynkoop Brewing Company

Brew Pub in LoDo Denver The Lower Downtown neighborhood is the original birthplace of the city of Denver and home to the magnificent Union Station (built 1914). It was once filled with bustling warehouses storing goods to fuel the expansion westward, but by the 1960s, it had fallen on hard times. However, the city recognized […]

Old Sugar Distillery

It was a dark & stormy kind of night You know how much we love to drink beer here at L&A headquarters, but once in a while we like to mix it up – so after a great dinner at the Avenue Bar, we headed over to the Old Sugar Distillery to try some spirits […]

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Party Time, Excellent. We went to a party and a brewery tour broke out. Well, not exactly, but that is what it felt like. The Milwaukee Brewing Company is located south of downtown in Walker’s Point. The brewery started as the Milwaukee Ale House brewpub, but demand grew so much,  they had to move the brewing […]

Heineken Experience

Have You Ever Been To A Beer Experience? Well, I Have. We talk a lot about beer and breweries here at L&A. It could be our German ancestry or Wisconsin residency, but it is probably because beer tastes good.  Heineken is no exception. Now, I know there are some haters out there who call Heineken […]

New Glarus Brewery

Ryan Got Totally Naked at New Glarus Brewery

Living in Wisconsin does have its advantages. We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, we make amazing cheese and brew kick-ass beer. (Of course, we do get 6 months of snow, but I digress.) And the kick-assiest beer, if you will, is found at The New Glarus Brewing Company just down the highway from Madison in America’s […]

AEgir Brewery

Aegir Brewery, Flam, Norway

Dramatic Scenery & Bold Beers in Norway An American brewer falls in love with a Norwegian woman, and the result is Ægir Brewery – one of most beautiful bars in one of the most beautiful towns on earth. However, the brewery is more than a just pretty face in a pretty place: the beer here is […]

Capital Brewery & Beer Garden

25 Years of Craft Brewing in Middleton, Wisconsin Capital Brewery is famous for it’s German style beers, and rocking beer garden. Located just outside Madison, it was founded in 1986, at the beginning of America’s craft brewery movement. Twenty-five years on it’s still at the forefront, winning award after award and brewing quality beer right in […]

Lakefront Brewery Tour

A Milwaukee craft brewery tour that doesn’t pull punches Milwaukee’s beers are better than ever, thanks to Milwaukee Brewing Company, Sprecher Brewery and Lakefront Brewery. When we visited Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, we had a little company – Kindra’s parents, her brother and his girlfriend came along with us. $7 got us four 8-oz beers, […]

Texel Brewery

Beer Biking at its Best This isn’t the first time we’ve biked to a brewery, as a matter of fact biking and visiting breweries are two of our favorite things – so on our second trip to Texel, we made it a priority to bike to Oudeschilde and visit the Texel Brewery. The beer is […]

Sprecher Brewery


A Brewery Tour that’s not just for Beer Aficionados Milwaukee’s legacy as the beer capital of the world may be tarnished with the Closing of Pabst, Blatz and Schlitz and the sale of Miller to an international concern, but small breweries like Milwaukee Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewery and Sprecher Brewery are working hard to bring […]

Central Waters Brewery

Small brewery proves it is easy being green Central Waters Brewing Company is just off of US 10 in the small town of Amherst, WI. They are known for their quality beer and to commitment to sustainability (They’re Wisconsin’s first green powered brewery). We arrived at 4pm on a Friday afternoon and the tap room […]

South Shore Brewery

Ryan drinking a beer at South Shore Brewery, WI

Stop for lunch at South Shore Brewery & Deepwater Grille Before embarking on a six hour journey from the top of Wisconsin to the bottom, we stopped at South Shore Brewery in Ashland to meet up with old friends and have a pint. The brewery is located in an old building in downtown, just one […]

Stevens Point Brewery

Touring the Point Brewery

Brewery Tour in the Heart of Wisconsin Here at L&A headquarters, we drink a lot of beer, and since we live in Wisconsin, we drink a lot of excellent craft beers. Point Special Lager is a favorite, since it’s a quality brew at a value price.* We also like their craft beers, especially their 2012 Black […]